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  • 77-08 Woodside Ave, Elmhurst 11373 40.743359 -73.887591
  • (Btwn 77th & 78th St)
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A1. BBQ Pork Tender recommended. b.b.q. pork tender with "jeaw" sauce on the side.    10.00
A2. BBQ Beef recommended. b.b.q. beef with "jeaw" sauce on the side.    10.00
A3. Chicken Satay with peanut and cucumber sauce.    7.00
A4. Fried Marinated Pork Strips recommended.    10.00
A5. Steam Dumpling With Chicken And Shrimp     5.00
A6. Fried Spring Roll     5.00
A7. Crab Roll recommended. fried pork & crabmeat wrap with skin tofu serve with plum sauce.    6.00
A8. Fried Tofu With Chili And Peanut Sauce     4.00
A9. Shrimp In The Blanket shrimp roll with plum sauce.    5.00
A10. Chive Dumpling fried chive vegetable dumpling.    5.00
A11. Steam Mussel With Lemongrass And Basil recommended.    8.00
A12. E-Sarn Sausage e-sarn thai sour sausage grilled with vegetables.    8.00
A13. Northern Thai Sausage grilled with vegetables.    8.00
A14. Fish Cake curried fish cake served with cucumber sauce.    7.00
A15. Fried Calamari served with sweet chili sauce.    8.00
A16. Fried Chicken Wings served with sweet chili sauce.    6.00


S1. Tom-Yum Shrimps Soup with mushroom in hot and sour soup.   lg 10.00 sm 5.00
S2. Bean Curd Soup with ground pork or chicken.   sm 4.50 lg 9.00
S3. Tom-Kha Chicken Soup chicken coconut milk soup with mushroom and galangal.   sm 4.50 lg 9.00
S4. Mixed Vegetable Soup recommended. with shrimp, pepper and dry shrimp.    10.00
S5. Bean Thread Soup with ground chicken.    9.00
S6. Stewed Beef Tendon Soup recommended.    10.00
S7. Tom-Zap Soup cornish hen in hot and sour soup.    9.00


Y1. Papaya Salad (Shrimp) with dried shrimp and peanut.    8.00
Y2. Papaya Salad (Seafood) recommended. with seafood.    10.00
Y3. Papaya Salad (Crab) recommended. with salted crab.    10.00
Y4. Bean Thread Salad recommended. with ground chicken, shrimp and squid.    10.00
Y5. Pork Sausage Salad onion, chili and lime juice.    10.00
Y6. B.B.Q. Pork Or Beef Tender Salad recommended. with chili, mint, onion and lime juice    11.00
Y7. Larb Salad ground meat salad with mint, dry chili & lime juice.    10.00
Y8. Raw Shrimp Salad new york timeout recommend - the 100 tastes you've got to try topped with garlic, chili and lime juice.    9.00
Y9. Shrimp Or Squid Salad     10.00
Y10. B.B.Q. Pork Salad topped with garlic, chili and lime juice.    10.00
Y11. Salted Crab With Mango Salad recommended.    10.00
Y12. Bamboo Shoot Salad     8.00
Y13. Crispy Duck Salad with pineapple, cashew nut and chili sauce.    20.00
Y14. Sour Pork Salad with fresh ginger, onion and spicy lime dressing.    10.00
Y15. Seafood Mango Salad recommended. with spicy lime dressing.    10.00
Y16. Crispy Chinese Watercress Salad with chicken, squid, shrimp and spicy lime dressing.    15.00
Y17. Crispy Catfish Salad with green mango and spicy lime dressing.    15.00

Fried Rice

FR1. Thai Fried Rice     9.00
FR2. Basil Fried Rice     9.00
FR3. Chinese Sausage Fried Rice     10.00
FR4. Sour Sausage Fried Rice     10.00
FR5. Pineapple Fried Rice     10.00

Over Rice

O1. Pork Leg Rice with mustard green over rice.    9.00
O2. Chicken Rice hainanese chicken with ginger sauce over chicken stock rice.    9.00
O3. Garlic & Pepper Pork seasoned pork with pepper and garlic over rice.    9.00
O4. Shrimp Paste Fried Rice with pork and dried shrimp.    10.00
O5. Fried Rice With Chili Sauce     10.00


N1. Pad Thai recommended. sautéed noodle with choice of meat, bean sprout, egg and peanut.    9.00
N2. Rad-Nah sautéed rice noodle topped with choice of meat and chinese broccoli.    9.00
N3. Pad See Ew sautéed rice noodle with choice of meat, soy sauce and chinese broccoli.    9.00
N4. Pad Gai-Kua sautéed rice wide noodle with chicken and yellow squid.    8.00
N5. Drunken Noodle recommended. sautéed rice wide noodle with choice of meat, chili and basil leaves.    9.00
N6. Shabu-Shabu preserved bean curd soup choice of meat.    9.00
N7. Nam-Tok Noodle Soup recommended. noodle soup with pork or beef with beef or pork meatball.    9.00
N8. Tom-Yum Noodle Soup pork tom-yum noodle soup with fish ball and ground pork.    9.00
N9. Yen-Ta-Four tomato sauce noodle soup with yellow squid, fish ball and tofu.    9.00

A La Carte

C1. Steam Shrimp With Bean Thread with pork belly in casserole. recommended.    10.00
C3. Sauté Chinese Broccoli recommended. with crispy pork.    10.00
C4. Sautéed Chinese Broccoli With Salted Fish     10.00
C5. Sautéed Eggplant recommended. with ground chicken, garlic, chili and basil leaves.    10.00
C6. Sautéed Bean Thread With Shrimp, Chicken And Egg     10.00
C7. Sautéed Prik-King Curry Paste With Pork And String Bean     10.00
C8. Sautéed Sliced Catfish In Spicy Curry Sauce With Thai Eggplant recommended.    11.00
C9. Sautéed Pork Curry Paste With Fresh Turmeric And Lime Leaves     10.00
C10. Sautéed Sa-Tor Bean recommended. with shrimp and ground chicken in spicy sauce.    10.00
C11. Kang Som Sour Curry with omelet.    10.00
C12. Panang Curry with choice of meat in coconut milk.    9.00
C13. Massaman Curry choice of meat with onion, potato and peanut in coconut milk.    10.00
C14. Jungle Curry choice of meat with mixed vegetables.    10.00
C15. Green Curry choice of meat with bamboo shoot and round eggplant in coconut milk.    10.00
C16. Red Curry choice of meat with bamboo shoot and coconut milk.    10.00
C17. Mix Vegetable Kang Som sour curry with shrimp and mix vegetable.    10.00
C18. Pad Khee Mao choice of meat with mix vegetable and spicy chili sauce.    9.00
C19. Pad Kra Prow recommended. choice of meat with chili and spicy basil sauce.    9.00
C20. Basil Frog Leg Pad recommended. frog leg in spicy basil sauce.    11.00
C21. Pad Khing recommended. choice of meat with ginger sauce.    10.00
C22. Black Egg Entrée in basil sauce and ground pork.    11.00
C23. Cashew Nut Entrée sauté cashew nut with choice of meat, dried chili, onion, bell pepper & carrot.    10.00

Side Order

SO1. Jasmine Rice     1.50
SO3. Chicken Stock Rice     2.00
SO4. Omelet     4.00
SO5. Fried Egg     1.50
SO6. Steam Mix Vegetable     3.00
SO7. Steam Broccoli     3.00
SO8. Steam Noodle     2.00
Sticky Rice     2.00


Mix Fruit Ice Cream      4.00
Thai Coconut Pudding      4.00
Taro Custard      7.00
Fried Banana     7.00
Fried Banana With Ice Cream     7.00

Soft Drinks

SD1. Soda coke, diet coke, sprite or ginger ale.    1.50
SD2. Hot Tea green tea, jasmine tea or ginger tea.    1.50
SD3. Hot Coffee     1.50
SD4. Black Thai Ice Tea     3.00
SD5. Black Thai Ice Coffee     3.00
SD6. Thai Ice Tea With Milk     3.00
SD7. Thai Ice Coffee With Milk     3.00
SD8. Coconut Juice     3.00
SD9. Palm Juice     3.00


77-08 Woodside Ave
Btwn 77th & 78th St
(347) 434-7968
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