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Avli Little Greek Tavern

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  • Greek
  • 38-31 Bell Blvd, Bayside 11361 40.766179 -73.772351
  • (Btwn 38th & 39th Ave)
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  • (718) 224-7575
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Cold Appetizers

Feta Cheese served with extra vergin olive oil & oregano    5.75
Tzatziki yogurt, garlic, dill & cucumber spread    5.40
Taramosalata fluffy fish roe spread    5.95
Melitzanosalata roasted eggplant spread with garlic & extra virgin olive oil    5.50
Kopanisti spicy feta cheese & roasted red pepper spread    6.75
Skordalia potato garlic spread    4.95
Dolmadakia grape leaves stuffed with rice & herbs    5.15
Hummus pureéd chick peas with tahini & extra virgin olive oil    5.45
Beets Salad beets seasoned with extra virgin olive oil & fresh garlic. excluded from pikilia choices.    6.95
Grilled Octopus With Cannellini Beans grilled octopus served over cannellini beans seasoned with lemon, extra virgin olive oil and vinegar. excluded from pikilia choices.    9.95
Pikilia assorted appetizer platter your choice of any four from the above.    12.95

Hot Appetizers

Kolokithokeftedes pan fried shredded zucchini seasoned with greek herbs and cheeses served with a special sauce    8.15
Haloumi cypriot grilled goat & sheep milk cheese    9.75
Grilled Stuffed Kalamari an appetizer portion of char-grilled squid stuffed with spinach, onions, red peppers, feta cheese, garlic and extra virgin olive oil    8.95
Shrimp Saganaki jumbo shrimp sauteed with fresh tomatoes, garlic and feta cheese    12.95
Fried Kalamarakia fresh baby squid fried to golden crispness    9.95
Kalamarakia Sti Skara char-grilled fresh baby squid    9.95
Oktapodi Skaras char-grilled octopus seasoned with extra virgin olive oil, red wine vinegar & oregano    13.25
Keftedakia authentic greek meatballs seasoned with herbs & spices    7.75
Gigantes kastorian giant white beans traditionally prepared with tomatoes, onions & herbs    7.75
Saganaki broiled kefalograviera cheese    9.75
Loukaniko traditional grillled greek sausage served with tzatziki sauce, made in house    7.75
Falafel croquettes of ground chick peas and spices served with tahini sauce    5.75
Seftelia traditional grilled cyprian sausage served with tzatziki sauce    6.50
Chicken Doner marinated chicken vertically roasted served with tzatziki sauce    6.25
Pork Doner marinated pork vertically roasted served with tzatziki sauce    5.75
Gyro vertically roasted spiced minced beef & lamb served with tzatziki sauce    5.75
Greek Pizza     3.75
Greek Pizza any doner or gyro topping   extra 1.50
Zucchini Sticks     4.95
Mozzarella Sticks     6.25
Epilogi a combination of hot & cold appetizers. loukaniko, keftedakia, choose from grilled or fried kalamarakia & your choice of any three spreads, feta cheese, olives, tomatoes & pita bread.    22.95

Daily Greek Specials

Spanakopita homemade savory spinach pie    11.50
Moussaka baked eggplant, zucchini, potatoes & seasoned ground meat topped with béchamel sauce    13.25
Pastitsio baked greek pasta with seasoned ground beef topped with béchamel sauce    12.15
Youvetsi cubes of veal slowly cooked in a fresh tomato sauce and orzo seasoned with greek herbs    15.95
Vegetarian Moussaka grilled zucchini, eggplant and potatoes topped with plum tomato sauce and feta cheese    14.95
Grilled Stuffed Baby Eggplants grilled baby eggplants stuffed with tomatoes and onions, topped with feta cheese. served with your choice of french fries, rice, or lemon potatoes.    13.50

Traditional Greek Specialties

Chicken Souvlaki marinated grilled chicken cubes.  
Chicken Souvlaki sandwich.    6.45
Chicken Souvlaki platter.    11.45
Chicken Doner marinated chicken vertically roasted  
Chicken Doner sandwich.    6.45
Chicken Doner platter.    11.45
Gyro vertically roasted spiced minced beef & lamb  
Gyro sandwich.    5.95
Gyro platter.    10.85
Pork Souvlaki marinated grilled pork cubes  
Pork Souvlaki sandwich.    5.95
Pork Souvlaki platter.    10.85
Pork Doner marinated pork vertically roasted  
Pork Doner sandwich.    5.95
Pork Doner platter.    10.85
Loukaniko grilled traditional greek sausage  
Loukaniko sandwich.    6.45
Loukaniko platter.    11.45
Seftelia grilled traditional cyprian sausage  
Seftelia sandwich.    6.45
Seftelia platter.    11.45
Falafel croquettes of spicy ground chick peas served with tahini sauce  
Falafel sandwich.    5.95
Falafel platter.    10.85
Skirt Steak sandwich. excluded from combination choices.    9.15
Skirt Steak platter. excluded from combination choices.    16.50
Bifteki chopped sirloin steak with greek seasoning & herbs. excluded from combination choices.  
Bifteki sandwich.    7.95
Bifteki platter.    12.95
Grilled Vegetable red peppers, zucchini, eggplant & onions seasoned with balsamic vinegar & extra virgin olive oil. excluded from combination choices.  
Grilled Vegetable sandwich.    6.75
Combination Sandwich your choice of two meats    7.50
Combination Platter your choice of two or four meats   (4) 17.25 (2) 12.95


Greek Salad lettuce, tomato, onion, cucumbers, feta, evoo & vinegar.    6.25
Caesar Salad romaine lettuce, croutons & caesar dressing.    5.75
Grilled Vegetables red peppers, zucchini, eggplant & onions seasoned with balsamic & extra virgin olive oil.    6.75
Grilled Vegetables with haloumi.    8.75
Falafel lettuce, tomato, onion & tahini.    6.15
Pork Souvlaki lettuce, tomato, onion & tzatziki.    6.15
Chicken Souvlaki lettuce, tomato, onion & tzatziki.    6.75
Pork Doner lettuce, tomato, onion & tzatziki.    6.15
Gyro lettuce, tomato, onion & tzatziki.    6.15
Chicken Doner lettuce, tomato, onion & tzatziki.    6.75
Skirt Steak lettuce, tomato, onion & tzatziki.    9.25
Bifteki lettuce, tomato, onion & tzatziki.    7.95
Seftelia lettuce, tomato, onion & tzatziki    6.15
Loukaniko lettuce, tomato, onion & tzatziki    6.15


Horiatiki (Greek Salad) our famous greek salad with romaine lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, red onions, olives, dolmadakia & feta cheese seasoned with oregano.    9.50  6.50
Maroulosalata crispy romaine lettuce with fresh dill, scallions, olives, feta cheese & tossed with oil & vinegar.    9.50  6.50
Domatosalata freshly sliced tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, olives, feta cheese & oregano.    9.95  6.95
Caesar Salad romaine lettuce & croutons mixed with caesar dressing.    9.00  6.00
Avli Salad romaine lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, grilled zucchini, grilled red peppers, grilled red onions & feta cheese tossed with a balsamic vinaigrette.    8.95  11.95
Spring Mix Salad mixed greens tossed with a balsamic vinaigrette dressing topped with apples, walnuts and crumbled blue cheese.    7.95  10.95
Princess Salad mixed greens, oranges, beets, walnuts & goat cheese tossed with a fat-free raspberry vinaigrette.    8.95  11.95
Mix Salad mixed greens, dried cranberries, walnuts, avocado, tomatoes & goat cheese tossed with a fat-free raspberry vinaigrette.    9.95  12.95

Add To Any Of Our Salads

Grilled Chicken Breast     4.50  6.00
Avocado     1.50  0.75
Gyro     4.50  3.00
Falafel     4.50  3.00
Skirt Steak     7.50  6.00
Grilled Kalamari     6.50  8.00
Grilled Shrimp     9.00  7.00
Salmon     9.50  7.50


Avgolemono traditional greek soup with chicken broth, chicken breast, egg, lemon sauce and orzo.  
Faki traditional greek lentil soup.  


Pork Tenderloin Shish Kebab skewered cubes of marinated pork tenderloin with tomatoes, red peppers and red onion    16.25
Hirini Brizola marinated pork chops    14.75
Stithos Kotas marinated grilled chicken breast    13.95
Kotopoulo Kebab skewered marinated chicken breast with onions, tomatoes & peppers    14.95
Lamb Kebab skewered marinated cubes of lamb with onions, tomatoes & peppers.    18.25
Grilled Stuffed Chicken grilled chicken stuffed with spinach, onions, red peppers, feta cheese, garlic and extra virgin olive oil.    14.75

Char-Grilled Burgers

Reg / Dlx. Deluxe Served With French Fries, Lettuce, Tomato & Onion. Cheese $0.50 Extra, Bacon $1 Extra, Lettuce & Tomato $0.50 Extra.

Mediterranean Burger served on pita with feta cheese.    8.25  6.25
Beef Burger     5.25  7.25
Turkey Burger     6.50  4.50
Veggie Burger     6.25  4.25

From The Sea

Garides Sti Skara char-grilled jumbo shrimp in the shell marinated in a lemon-olive oil sauce & garlic.    19.75
Seafood Shish Kebab skewered shrimp, scallops, salmon, red peppers and tomatoes.    19.95
Solomos broiled filet of salmon seasoned with evoo, lemon & garlic.    15.75
Grilled Branzini char-grilled whole fish drizzled with our special lemon sauce.    21.95
Broiled Tilapia fresh tilapia lightly breaded and drizzled with a lemon-olive oil sauce.    15.25

Side Orders

Greek Fries deep fried potatoes with seasoned feta cheese & oregano.    4.95
Greek Fries add diced tomatoes    5.20
Spanokorizo spinach and scallions sautéed with rice.    4.95
Horta steamed field greens with extra virgin olive oil & lemon.    4.95
Patates Fournou oven roasted lemon potatoes seasoned with extra virgin olive oil, garlic & oregano.    4.25
Spanakopita homemade savory spinach pie.    6.00
Tiropita cheese pie.    5.75
Grilled Vegetables red peppers, zucchini, eggplant & onions.    6.25
Zucchini Sticks     4.95
French Fries     3.50
Onion Rings     3.75
Mozzarella Sticks     6.25
Chicken Fingers served with french fries    6.25
Pork Souvlaki Stick     3.45
Chicken Souvlaki Stick     3.95
Extra Pita     0.70
Extra Tzatziki     0.50
Whole Wheat Pita     0.85


Baklava layers of phyllo stuffed with almonds & walnut topped with honey.    4.35
Galaktobouriko greek custard cream wrapped in phyllo topped with honey.    4.35
Yiaourti authentic tart greek yogurt counterbalanced with a sweet greek honey & topped with walnuts.    5.50


Swordfish Shish-Kebab swordfish skewered w/ red peppers and tomatoes - served w/ your choice of soup or salad & your choice of french fries, rice or lemon potatoes.    19.95
Rack Of Lamb rack of lamb encrusted with garlic and rosemary flavored bread crumbs - served w/ your choice of soup or salad & your choice of french fries, rice or lemon potatoes.    28.95
Kokinisto cubes of lamb slowly cooked in a fresh tomato sauce served with your choice of rice or french fries - served w/ your choice of soup or salad.    14.95
Cretan Dakos Salad cretan dakos (hard whole wheat bread) topped with chopped tomato, cucumber, onion and feta cheese, mixed with balsamic vinaigrette.    5.95
Baked Red Snapper baked red snapper filet drizzled w/ a lemon-butter caper sauce - served w/ your choice of soup or salad & your choice of french fries, rice or lemon potatoes.    17.95
Salmon Cakes an appetizer porton of fried salmon cakes served over a bed of greens and drizzled with a creamy caper sauce.    8.95


Avli Little Greek Tavern
38-31 Bell Blvd
Btwn 38th & 39th Ave
(718) 224-7575
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