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Ashoka Grill

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  • Indian, Vegetarian
  • 1436 Flatbush Ave, Brooklyn 11210 40.635633 -73.95089
  • (Btwn Farragut & Glenwood Rd)
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  • (917) 962-8411
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Lunch Specials

Available Until 3pm. Served With Basmati Rice And Naan.

1. Vegetarian Curry Lunch Special choice of chana saag with mixed vegetables curry or aloo motor gobi cooked with special flavored sauce.    7.95
1. Vegetarian Curry Lunch Special vegetarian choice: chana saag, aloo motor gobi.  
2. Chicken Curry Lunch Special cooked with spiced flavored sauce.    7.95
3. Lamb Curry Lunch Special cooked with spiced flavored sauce.    8.95
4. Beef Curry Lunch Special cooked with spice flavored sauce.    8.95
5. Goat Curry Lunch Special on bone. cooked with spiced flavored sauce.    8.95
6. Chicken Tandoori Lunch Special spring chicken marinated in special yogurt with freshly ground spices and barbecued to perfection in the tandoor.    8.95
7. Chicken Tikka Masala Lunch Special boneless white meat cooked with a fresh tomato-based creamy sauce.    8.95
8. Vegetable Biryani Lunch Special vegetables with special pakistani basmati rice sautéed in herbs and spices with raisins and almond.    7.95
9. Chicken Biryani Lunch Special chicken with special pakistani basmati rice sautéed in herbs and spices with raisins and almond.    7.95
10. Shrimp Curry Lunch Special shrimp cooked in house blended lightly spiced curry sauce.    8.95
11. Salmon Curry Lunch Special salmon cooked in house blended lightly spiced curry sauce.    8.95

Lunch Box To Go

Available Until 3:30pm. Served With Basmati Rice, Naan, Soda And Condiments. Canned Soda Choice: 1. Pepsi, 1. 7 Up, 1. Coca Cola, 1. Diet Coke, 1. Ginger Ale, 2. Seltzer Water, 2. Fresca, 2. Coke Zero.

1. Vegetarian Box your choice of vegetable.    7.95
1. Vegetarian Box vegetarian choice: chana saag, aloo motor gobi.  
2. Curry Box chicken curry with cabbage.    7.95
3. Meat Curry Box your choice of lamb or beef with cabbage.    8.95
4. Tandoori Box pieces of tandoori chicken and cabbage.    8.95
5. Seafood Box your choice of shrimp, salmon or crab with cabbage.    9.95

Vegetarian Appetizers

1. Papadam delicately spiced thin lentil wafers.    1.50
2. Bhel Poori a mix of puffed rice, indian noodles and rice flour crisps topped with onions.    4.95
3. Samosa crisp turnovers filled with spiced potatoes and green peas.    2.95
4. Alu Tikki fried spiced potato cake coated with bread crumbs.    3.95
5. Onion Bhujia onion and lentil fritters.    2.95
6. Vegetable Pakora mixed vegetable fritters.    3.95
7. Banana Pakora sweet banana fritters.    2.95
8. Panir Pakora cottage cheese fritters.    3.95
9. Plantain Bhajia green raw banana with chickpea flour.    3.95
10. Kachori cold appetizer. crispy fritters with seasoned potatoes, peas, tomatoes and cucumber topped with sweet and sour sauce, green chili sauce and yogurt.    4.95
11. Chana Poori chickpeas masala and puffed bread.    3.95
12. Spinach Pakora chopped fresh spinach and chickpea flour fritters.    4.95
13. Assorted Warm Hors D'Oeuvres papadum, samosa, onion bhujia, plantain bhajia, banana pakora and paneer pakora.    5.95

Non-Vegetarian Appetizers

1. Chicken Pakora Fritter     3.95
2. Chicken Seekh Kabab minced ground chicken with onion from skewers.    4.95
3. Chicken Malai Kabab supreme marinated in cream cheese.    4.95
4. Seekh Kabab Roll minced ground chicken with tomatoes and lettuce rolled in paratha.    5.95
5. Chicken Liver Poori bombay-style chicken liver bhuna served with poori bread.    4.95

Seafood Appetizers

1. Shrimp Poori bombay-style shrimp bhuna served with poori bread.    5.95
2. Shrimp Pakora deep-fried shrimp fritters.    4.95
3. Fish Pakora deep-fried salmon cube fritters.    4.95
4. Fish Kabab deep-fried cake of minced salmon.    4.95

Soup & Salad

1. Rasam Soup a traditional south indian spiced lentil and tomato essence soup.    2.95
2. Sambar Soup a traditional lentil bean and vegetarian soup with indian spices.    2.95
3. Mixed Vegetable Soup mixed harvest vegetable soup with light spices.    2.95
4. Coconut Soup sweetened coconut in hot milk.    2.95
5. Palaka Soup a refreshingly delicious soup made from spinach.    2.95
6. House Salad lettuce, tomato, cucumber, carrot and lime served with house dressing on the side.    3.50
7. Mango Salad lettuce and slices of sweet and sour green mango dressed with kashondo, and indian special mustard sauce.    3.50

Fresh From The Garden

All Curries Served With Rice.

1. Mixed Vegetable Curry seasonal vegetables cooked with spices, onion and tomato sauce.    8.95
2. Chana Saag chickpeas and spinach cooked with spiced flavored sauce.    8.95
3. Vegetable Jalfrezie assorted vegetables sautéed in lightly spicy sauce with bell pepper and fresh cilantro.    9.95
4. Malai Kofta fresh mixed vegetable balls simmered in creamy sauce.    9.95
5. Navratan Korma seasoned mixed vegetables cooked in creamy sauce with assorted fruits.    9.95
6. Matar Paneer homemade cheese cubes with peas cooked in mildly spiced sauce.    9.95
7. Sag Ponir fresh spinach cooked in mild creamy sauce with cubes of cottage cheese.    9.95
8. Saag Alu fresh spinach cooked with pieces of potato in lightly spicy creamy sauce.    8.95
9. Aloo Matar Gobi potatoes, peas and cauliflower cooked in mildly spiced sauce.    8.95
10. Baingan Bhartha roasted eggplant and tomatoes cooked with herbs and spices.    8.95
11. Daal Makhni mixed bean and creamed lentils with onions and tomatoes.    8.95
12. Paneer Pasanda cubes of homemade cheese cooked with onions, tomatoes and green peppers.    9.95
13. Paneer Makhni cubes of homemade cheese cooked in tomato-based creamy sauce.    9.95
14. Channa Masala chickpeas cooked with traditional homemade spices.    8.95
15. Bhindi-Do-Piaza okra and onions with a blend of spices.    8.95

Chicken Entrées

Served With Rice.

1. Chicken Tikka Masala barbecued cubes of chicken breast cooked with fresh tomato-based creamy sauce.    10.95
2. Chicken Makhni boneless white meat cooked in creamy tomato-based sweet sauce.    10.95
3. Chicken Curry chicken cooked in freshly ground spices and onion gravy.    9.95
4. Chicken Saag boneless chicken cooked in creamed spinach and spices.    10.95
5. Chicken Shahi Korma seasoned cubes of chicken cooked in almonds and cashew-based creamy sauce with mixed fruits.    10.95
6. Chicken Vindaloo boneless piece of chicken cooked in sharp spicy homemade sauce with potatoes and cilantro.    10.95
7. Keema Peas seasoned ground chicken cooked in onion-based curry sauce with herbs and spices.    10.95
8. Chicken Malai seasoned cubes of chicken cooked in mild creamy sauce with fresh coconut.    10.95

Lamb, Beef & Goat Entrées

1. Lamb Tikka Masala barbecued chunks of lamb cooked with fresh tomato-based creamy sauce.    11.95
2. Lamb Bhuna chunks of lamb cooked in tomatoes, onion and green pepper.    10.95
3. Lamb Saag chunks of lamb simmered in creamed spinach.    11.95
4. Lamb Vindaloo lamb cooked in spicy and sharp curry sauce with potato.    11.95
5. Lamb Shahi Korma seasoned cubes of lamb cooked in almond and cashew-based mild creamy sauce with mixed fruits.    11.95
6. Goat Achari goat cooked in thick flavored onion-based curry sauce with mixed pickles.    11.95
7. Beef Shagoti chunks of beef cooked with dry chili, fresh coconut, tomato and fried onion.    11.95
8. Lamb, Beef Or Goat Madras cooked with fresh tomatoes, garlic and house blended medium spicy sauce.    11.95

Seafood Entrées

1. Seafood Curry your choice of seafood cooked in house blended lightly spiced curry sauce.    11.95
1. Seafood Curry seafood choice: shrimp, salmon, crab.  
2. Seafood Vindaloo shrimp, crab or salmon cooked with fresh tomato, potato and garlic in blended chili sauce.    12.95
3. Shrimp Parthia shrimp cooked with lentils and hot sauce.    13.95
4. Shrimp Saag shrimp cooked with fresh spinach.    13.95
5. Seafood Korma choice of shrimp, crab or salmon cooked with roasted almond sauce and mixed fruits.    13.95
6. Seafood Malai choice of shrimp, crab or salmon cooked in mild creamy sauce with fresh coconut.    13.95
7. Seafood Madras your choice of seafood cooked in medium hot sauce and cilantro.    12.95
7. Seafood Madras seafood choice: shrimp, salmon, crab.  

Tandoori Entrées

Tandoor Is A Pit Oven Heated By Burning Charcoal. The Food Is Cooked Slowly By Evenly Retaining The Natural Flavor.

1. Tandoori Chicken pieces of spring chicken breast and thigh marinated specially with yogurt, herbs and blended spices and barbecued in the tandoor to perfection.    10.95
2. Chicken Tikka cubes of boneless chicken breast marinated with yogurt, herbs and ground spices and grilled in the tandoor to perfection.    10.95
3. Chicken Malai Kabab cubes of boneless chicken breast marinated with yogurt, mild spices, herbs and cream cheese and barbecued in the tandoor to perfection.    10.95
4. Kati Chicken barbecued chicken cooked with puréed spinach in mild creamy sauce. can be cooked without cream.    11.95
5. Lamb Chop tender lamb chops spiced, marinated overnight and barbecued to perfection.    14.95
6. Lamb Boti Kabab chunks of lamb marinated in a tangy spice blend, then barbecued to perfection in the tandoor.    13.95
7. Whole Fish Tandoori red snapper grilled with onions, peppers and house blended masala.    11.95
8. Salmon Tikka marinated salmon cubes barbecued with mild herbs and spices.    11.95
9. Shrimp Tandoori jumbo shrimp delicately spiced and marinated in yogurt and grilled in the oven. served with the vegetable of the day.    14.95
10. Lobster Tandoori lobsters marinated in flavored ground spices and barbecued in the tandoor. served with the vegetable of the day.    19.95
11. Tandoori Mix Grill a combination platter consisting of chicken tandoori, chicken tikka, lamb tikka, salmon tikka and tandoori shrimp.    12.95

Ashoka Specialties

Served With Basmati Rice.

A1. Mughal Curry choice of boneless cubes of chicken, beef or lamb cooked in exotic hot sweet and sour sauce.    11.95
A2. Malabar Curry your choice of boneless cubes of chicken, beef or lamb cooked with mustard seeds and lime.    11.95
A3. Goan Shrimp Curry shrimp cooked with sautéed onions, lime juice and coconut cream.    13.95
A4. Aloo Tarkari your choice of meat cooked with chunks potatoes and fresh tomato in house blended masala sauce.    10.95
A4. Aloo Tarkari specialty protein choice: chicken, beef, lamb, goat.  
A5. Special Vegetable Delight fresh vegetables marinated in herbs and spices and grilled in the clay oven and cooked with special almond flavored sauce.    10.95
A6. Kumra Or Kela Jhinga stir-fried shrimp cooked with sweet pumpkin or plantain.    13.95
A7. Lemon Chicken cubes of chicken cooked with fresh garlic, onion, ginger, bell peppers, tabasco sauce and fresh lime juice.    11.95
A8. Rogan Josh choice of chicken, beef, lamb or goat cubes cooked with house blended mildly spicy hot sauce and diced onion, ginger, garlic, bell peppers and fresh cilantro.    11.95
A9. Shrimp Tandoori Masala barbecued jumbo shrimp cooked in almond and tomato-based creamy sauce.    14.95
A10. Lobster Curry lobsters cooked in house blended special yellow curry sauce with ginger and garlic.    19.95


1. Vegetable Biryani spiced mixed vegetables cooked in basmati rice.    9.95
2. Chicken Biryani spiced chicken cooked in basmati rice.    9.95
3. Lamb Biryani selected royal portions of lamb cooked in herbs and spices with fragrant basmati rice.    10.95
4. Goat Biryani selected royal portions of goat cooked in herb and spices with fragrant basmati rice.    10.95
5. Keema Biryani ground meat cooked in herbs and spices with fragrant basmati rice.    10.95
6. Shrimp Biryani shrimp cooked in herbs and spices with fragrant basmati rice.    11.95
7. Kashmiri Pullao basmati rice cooked with assorted fruits, nuts and raisins.    5.95
8. Lemon Rice fragrant basmati rice sautéed with mustard seeds and lemon.    5.95
9. Peas Pullao basmati rice and green peas.    4.95

Freshly Baked Bread

1. Roti whole wheat bread.    2.50
2. Chapathi a thin roasted whole wheat bread.    2.50
3. Naan unleavened flour bread.    2.50
4. Keema Naan leavened flour bread stuffed with minced meat.    3.50
5. Chicken Tikka Naan tandoor special naan stuffed with shredded chicken.    3.50
6. Garlic Naan leavened flour bread topped with fresh garlic.    2.95
7. Peshawari Naan a special naan stuffed with sweetened coconut, nuts and raisins.    3.25
8. Paratha whole wheat multi-layer buttered bread.    2.95
9. Aloo Paratha whole wheat multi-layer flat bread wrapped. with seasoned peas and potato.    3.50
10. Onions Kulcha unleavened flour bread stuffed with chopped onions and cilantro.    2.95
11. Poori a whole wheat puffed bread.    2.50
12. Cheese Poori a whole wheat puffed bread stuffed with mozzarella cheese.    2.95
13. Coconut Poori a puffed whole wheat bread stuffed with sweetened coconut.    2.95


1. Cucumber Raita a great accompaniment to biryani or bbq. yogurt, cucumber, herbs and spices in a creamy sauce.    2.95
2. Mango Or Lemon Pickle heavily spiced pickled green mangoes or lemons.    2.95
3. Mango Chutney sweet and sour mango relish.    2.95
4. Assorted Condiments raita, pickle and mango chutney.    4.95

Desserts $2.50

All Desserts Include Dairy.

1. Mango Ice Cream   
2. Kulfi indian pistachio ice cream.  
3. Kheer rice pudding.  
4. Gulab Jamun deep-fried cheese balls in a sweet syrup.  
5. Gajar Halwa shredded carrots and condensed milk in a sweet syrup.  


Canned Soda canned soda choice: 1. pepsi, 1. 7 up, 1. coca cola, 1. diet coke, 1. ginger ale, 2. seltzer water, 2. fresca, 2. coke zero.    1.50
3. Tea Or Coffee tea/coffee choice: spiced tea, iced tea, coffee.    1.50
4. Juice juice choice: orange juice, mango juice, grape juice, apple juice.    1.95
5. Lassi yogurt drink.    2.50
6. Mango Lassi yogurt drink with natural mango flavor.    2.50
7. Perrier Water     1.95
8. Spring Water     1.50
9. Snapple lemon tea.    2.25
10. 2 Liter Soda 2 liter choice: coca cola, diet coke, sprite, ginger ale.    3.00

Appetizer Choice

1. Samosas   
2. Chicken Pakora   
2. Chicken Pakora   
4. Onion Bhajia   
5. Seekh Kabab   
6. Chicken Tikka   
7. Fish Kabab   
8. Vegetable Pakora   
9. Mulligatawny Soup   
10. House Salad   

Entrée Choice

1. Vegetable Curry   
1. Chicken Curry   
1. Lamb Curry   
1. Beef Curry   
2. Aloo Motor Gobi   
3. Baigan Bharta   
4. Chicken Tikka Masala   
5. Chicken Korma   
6. Chicken Saag Curry   
6. Lamb Saag Curry   
6. Beef Saag Curry   
6. Mushroom Saag Curry   
7. Salmon Curry     1.00
8. Shrimp Curry     1.00
9. Lamb Jalfrezi     1.00


Ashoka Grill
1436 Flatbush Ave
Btwn Farragut & Glenwood Rd
(917) 962-8411
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