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Arunee Thai Cuisine

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  • Thai
  • 78-23 37th Ave, Jackson Heights NY11372 40.7494503 -73.8873621
  • (Btwn 78th & 79th St)
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  • (718) 205-5559
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1. Satay pork, beef, or chicken on a stick, marinates with special spice and curry   6.25
2. Taud Mun deep fried fish cake, served with spicy sweet and sour   6.25
3. Murk Taud deep fried squid served with ground peanut and sweet sauce   6.25
4. Murk Ping freshly herbed squid with ground peanut and sweet sauce   6.25
5. Goong Hom Paah deep fried herb flavored shrimp wrapper in spring roll shell   6.25
6. Kha Nom Jeeb Taud deep fried dumplings stuffed with minced pork shrimp and water chestnut   6.25
7. Po-Pia-Taud* egg roll stuffed with minced vegetables   6.25
8. Tao-Hoo-Taud* deep fried bean cake served with peanut sauce   5.95
9. Moo Dhad Diew sliced marinated pork with thai sauce   6.95
10. Moo Ping sliced marinated pork grilled and served with thai sauce   6.95
11. Peek Gai Taud* deep fried marinated chicken served with sweet & sour sauce   6.25
12. Stuffed Chicken Wings boneless chicken wings stuffed with glass noodles and minced vegetables   6.25
13. Kanom Jeeb steamed dumplings stuffed with minced pork, shrimp and water chestnut   6.25
14. Hoy OB Mor Din* fresh mussels steamed in their sweet broth with thai herbs   7.95
15. Hoy Taud* fried mussels with an omelette   7.95
17. Hoy Jor minced ground crab meat and shrimp in bean curd wrapper steam bean fried   6.25
18. Frog Leg deep fried frog legs with garlic or krapraow sauce   10.95
19. Thai Sausage minced ground pork with thai herbs   8.95
20. Quail deep fried quail with garlic sauce   10.95

Salad Or Yum

21. Thai Salad* lettuce, cucumbers, tomatoes, carrots, boiled egg with spicy dressing   6.95
22. Som Tum* papaya mixed with long beans and tomatoes   6.95
23. Sour Nor Mai* bamboo shoots seasoned with thai herbs   6.95
24. Yum Nuea* spicy beef with sweet & sour sauce   10.95
25. Nuea Yang Nam Jim* b.b.q steak served with spicy sauce   10.95
26. Yum Kunchiang* glass noodles with pork, shrimp and salad   8.95
27. Yum Woonsen* glass noodles with pork, shrimp and squid   9.95
28. Yum Pla Murk* cooked squid with very spicy hot and sour sauce   9.95
29. Yum Talay* mixed sea food with onions, scallions, chili paste and lime juice   10.95
30. Yum Pla* tilapia fish with thai sauce and cashew nuts   14.95
31. Yum Makhur Pao* grilled eggplant with shrimp, squid and chicken   9.95
32. Yum Ped Yang* roast duck with thai sauce and cashew nuts   10.95
33. Larb* chopped meat of choice cooked and seasoned with thai herbs   8.95
34. Plah Goong* shrimp mixed with very spicy hot and sour sauce   9.95
35. Goong Sheah Nam Pla* raw shrimp topped with hot and sour sauce   8.95
36. Yum Sam Krob* fish maw and crispy pork with cashew nuts   9.95
37. Yum Hnam Sod* ground pork, pork skin with thai sauce and peanuts   8.95


38. Guay Tieow Loog Shin beef noodle soup with beef balls bean sprouts   7.95
39. Guay Tieow Nuea Sub ground beef curry over noodles   7.95
40. Guay Tieow Nuea Puey noodles with beef muscles   7.95
41. Guay Tieow Talay noodles soup with mixed seafood   8.95
42. Guay Tieow Nam Tok* noodles with beef, beef balls, muscles and cow blood   7.95
43. Guay Tieow Kie Mao* spicy noodles with ground meat, tomatoes, chili and lettuce   7.95
44. Guay Tieow Pad Rard Naa rice noodles topped with gravy, broccoli and meat   7.95
45. Ba Mee Moodang egg noodles with roast pork   7.95
46. Guay Jub noodles with pig stomach and intestines. soup   7.95
47. Ba Mee Rard Naa crispy egg noodles with chicken and mixed vegetables   7.95
48. Ba Mee Talay sauteed egg noodles with sea food   8.95
49. Yen Ta Fo    7.95
50. Pad Thai famous thai noodles with shrimp egg and peanut   7.95
51. Pad Cee Eiw noodles with broccoli and meat   7.95
52. Pad Woon Sen glass noodles, vegetables egg and chicken   8.95
53. Jan Pad Poo* noodles with crab meat, chili, garlic, egg and scallions   8.95
54. Rard Naa Talay seafood big noodles with gravy broccoli   8.95
55. Mee Kon Jon shrimp with angle hair, egg and bean sprouts   7.95


56. Tom Yum Goong* whole shrimp soup seasoned with lime juice, lemon glass, chili straw mushroom sm 5.95 lg 10.95
57. Tom Yum* thai styled hot and sour soup with beef or chicken sm 4.95 lg 8.95
58. Tom Kha Gai chicken with coconut milk and galangal sm 5.95 lg 9.95
59. Kang Jeud Tao Hoo tofu with chinese cabbage, mushroom and scallions sm 4.95 lg 8.95
60. Kang Jeud Puck mixed vegetables, chicken and mushrooms sm 4.95 lg 8.95
61. Teu Huan pork stomach and intestines with pickle mustard   7.95
62. Kau Lau Laud Moo pork stomach, intestines and green leaf   7.95
63. Kau Lau Nuea beef meat balls, beef muscles and bean sprouts   7.95
64. Tom Klong Tilapia special thai soup with tilapia fish, chopped, tomatoes, onions and lime juice   13.95
65. Poh Taek* mixed seafood with hot and sour soup   11.95


66. Pad Noppa Kao seafood with glass noodles and mixed vegetables   10.95
67. Goong / Murk Kra Tiam shrimp or squid with garlic and peppers   10.95
68. Fisherman's Curry mixed seafood with red curry, coconut milk and basil   10.95
69. Sizzling Seafood mixed vegetables and seafood with thai sauce   10.95
70. Goog / Murk Kie Mao* spicy shrimp or squid with chili, garlic and mint leaves   10.95
71. Pla Rard Prik* fish with chili, garlic, hot and sour sauce   
72. Pla Neung steam fish with preserved plum and vegetables   
73. Pla Jian ginger fish with mushroom and onions   
74. Goong Pra Ram* shrimp with green curry, eggplant or bamboo shoots and basil   9.95
75. Goong / Murk Pad Khing shrimp or squid with chili, onions, gingers and mushrooms   9.95
76. Goong Pad Ma Muang shrimp with cashew nuts, mushrooms, onions and dried chili   9.95
77. Goong Taud Tempura shrimp with assorted vegetable tempura   9.95
78. Goong Khao Poad Onn shrimp with baby corn, bamboo shoots and mushrooms   9.95
79. Goong Prik Khing* shrimp with thai red curry and green beans   9.95

Thai Fried Rice

80. Pork, Or Chicken Fried Rice    6.95
81. Beef Or Shrimp Fried Rice    7.25
82. Shrimp Curry Fried Rice    7.95
83. Shrimp Paste Fried Rice    7.95
84. Chicken Curry Fried Rice    7.25
85. Crab Fried Rice    8.95
86. B.B.Q. Pork Fried Rice    7.25
87. Khao Moo Dang    7.95

Vegetables $8.95

88. Pad Puck stir fried assorted vegetable and bean curd   
89. Kang Keow Whan Puck* green curry with eggplant, peppers and basil   
90. Kanaa Nam Mun Hoy chinese broccoli with oyster sauce   
91. Bean Sprouts And Sweet Sour Cabbage stir fried bean sprouts with sweet and sour cabbage and bean curd   

Traditional Favorites

Choice Of Meat

T01. Pad Kra Praow spicy basil leaves with chili, garlic and soy sauce   8.95
T02. Pad Nam Prik Paow thai sauce and vegetables   8.95
T03. Pad Prik Khing thai and curry with green beans   8.95
T04. Pad Khing ginger thai style with soy sauce and onions   8.95
T05. Pad Woonsen glass noodles with shrimp, onions, mushrooms and egg   10.95
T06. Pad Khao Poad Onn baby corn, onions, bamboo shoots and mushrooms   8.95
T07. Pad Phed Pla Dook* deep fried cat fish with coconut milk, red curry, chili and basil   10.95
T08. Pad Preow Whan sweet and sour sauce with mixed vegetables   8.95
T09. Kang Paa* meat or cat fish with country style curry, mixed vegetables, chili   
meat   8.95
cat fish   10.95
T10. Kang Tai Pla*    9.95
T11. Kang Phed Ped Yang* slice of grilled duck, simmering in coconut milk, red curry and tomatoes   10.95
T12. Kang* green or red curry with coconut milk and sweet basil   8.95
T13. Gai Ma Muang chicken with cashew nuts, mushrooms and mixed vegetables   8.95
T14. Ped Yang roast duck with sweet and sour sauce   10.95
T15. Khai Yad Sai scramble egg stuffed with carrots, sweet peas and ground pork   7.95
T16. Panang sliced meat with panang curry and coconut milk   8.95
T17. Pra Ram Rong Soang* sliced meat with peanut sauce, bean sprouts, carrots and broccoli   8.95
T18. Pra Ram Gai green curry with eggplant, coconut milk and chicken   8.95
T19. Kanaa Pla Kem salty fish stir fried with chinese broccoli   9.95
T20. Kanaa Moo Krob crispy pork stir fried with chinese broccoli and oyster sauce   9.95
T21. Pig Leg tender pig's leg simmering in thai herbs, served with sour and spicy sauce   9.95

Beverages And Ice Cream

92. Soda    1.75
93. Coffee And Tea    1.75
94. Thai Ice Coffee Or Tea    2.75
95. Palm Sugar Juice    3.00
96. Coconut Juice    3.00
97. Durian Ice Cream    4.25
98. Ruam Mitre Ice Cream    4.25
99. Mango Ice Cream    4.25
All Kind Beef Or Shrimp $2 Extra.

Lunch Specials

Served From: 11am-3.45pm. Served With Tofu Soup (Hot & Sour Soup Or Salad $0.50 Extra.

L01. Pra Ram meat with eggplant, green curry, coconut milk and basil.   6.25
L02. Gai Kra Tiem chicken with peppers and garlics, stir fried with vegetables.   6.25
L03. Gai Ma Muang chicken with cashew nuts, pan fried with mixed vegetables   6.25
L04. Gai Kra Hree sauteed chicken with yellow curry sauce   6.25
L05. Pad Kra Praow* meat with basil leaves, chili and garlics   6.25
L06. Pad Num Prik Pao* meat with thai red sauce and mixed vegetables   6.25
L07. Pad Thai small noodles with meat, peanut and bean sprouts   6.50
L08. Pad Cee Eiw pan fried big noodles with soy sauce and meat   6.25
L09. Pad Rard Naa big noodles with gravy and broccoli   6.25
L10. Pad Prik Khing* meat with thai red curry and string beans   6.25
L11. Pad Khing meat with ginger thai style and onions   6.25
L12. Panang* meat with panang curry   6.25
L13. Pad Kanaa meat with broccoli and oyster sauce   6.25
L14. Goong Puck Taud shrimp deep fried with assorted vegetables   6.50
L15. Bamee Rard Naa crispy egg noodles with fresh shrimp, and mixed vegetables   6.50
L16. Goong Ruam Mitre shrimp stir fried with assorted vegetables   6.50
L17. Guay Tiew Kie Mao big noodles with chopped meat, garlics, tomatoes and basil   6.25
L18. Khao Pad thai fried rice with your chocie of meat   6.25
L19. Khao Pad Kra Hree yellow curry fried rice with meat   6.25
L20. Mee Kon Jon angle hair and meat with egg, bean sprouts and onions   6.25
All Kind Beef Or Shrimp $6.50

Lunch Box Specials

Served From: 11am-3.45pm. All Lunch Boxes Are Served With Tofu Soup.

Lb1. Vegetable Pad Thai with salad, app., fried rice and dessert.   6.75
Lb2. Sauteed Mixed Vegetables with salad, app., fried rice and dessert.   6.75
Lb3. Chicken Kra Praow (L5) with salad, app., fried rice and dessert.   6.75
Lb4. Chicken Prik Pao (L6) with salad, app., white rice and dessert.   6.75
Lb5. Shrimp Pad Thai (L7) with salad, app., fried rice and dessert.   6.75
Lb6. Chicken Pad Cee Eiw (L8) with salad, app., fried rice and dessert.   6.75
Lb7. Chicken Panang Curry (L12) with salad, app., white rice and dessert.   6.75
Lb8. Chicken Guay Tiew Kie Mao (L17) with salad, app., fried rice and dessert.   6.75
Lb9. Fillet Red Snapper Kra Praow with salad, app., white rice and dessert.   11.50
* Hot & Spicy.
Arunee Thai Cuisine
78-23 37th Ave
Btwn 78th & 79th St
(718) 205-5559
or (718) 205-5637
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