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Artie's Delicatessen

  • $$$
  • Deli Food, Hot Dogs, Sandwiches
  • 2290 Broadway, New York 10024 40.786026 -73.977741
  • (At 83rd St)
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  • (212) 901-3764
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Eggs & Omelettes

Scrambled Eggs     9.95
Onion Omelette     9.95
Mushroom Omelette     9.95
Western Omelette     9.95
Salami Omelette     10.45
Pastrami Omelette     10.45
Corned Beef Omelette     10.45
Mixed Deli Omelette     10.45
Cheese Omelette     9.95
Matzo Brei     11.45
Tenderloin Steak & Eggs     17.95
Leo     14.95


Matzo Brei     11.45
Cheese Blintzes with sour cream & apple sauce   (4) 17.95
Buttermilk Pancakes with syrup    9.95
Chocolate Chip Pancakes with syrup    10.95
Challah French Toast     10.45
Tenderloin Steak & Eggs     17.45

Breakfast Sides

Bagel with butter or jelly schmear    2.45
Bagel with cream cheese schmear    4.25
Side Of Bacon     4.95
Potato Pancakes with apple sauce   (2) 5.25
Fresh Fruit Salad     6.45


Chopped Liver     9.45
Sweet & Sour Tongue     9.95
Potato Pierogi     8.50
Potato Pancake    (2 per order) 5.50
Stuffed Cabbage     10.45
Cheese Blintz    (2) 10.50

Homemade Soups

Chicken Matzo Ball Soup with noodles  
Split Pea Soup   
Mushroom Barley Soup   
Chicken Noodle Soup   
Potato Soup monday  
Lentil Soup tuesday  
Cream Of Broccoli wednesday  
Vegetable Soup thursday  
Roasted Eggplant Soup friday  
Navy Bean With Pastrami Bites weekends  

Hot Dogs

Two Frankfurters Deluxe on buns with french fries    12.75
Two Specials Deluxe knockwurst grilled or boiled with baked beans    15.95
Two Chili Dogs Deluxe frankfurters smothered with our famous chili, served with french fries    15.75
Two Pastrami Dog Deluxe our famous frankfurters topped with roumanian pastrami, with french fries    16.95

Specialty Sandwiches

A. Turkey corned beef, pastrami, cole slaw, russian dressing    17.45
B. Corned Beef pastrami, tongue, cole slaw, russian dressing    18.45
C. Pastrami & Chopped Liver bermuda onion    17.45
D. Turkey & Roast Beef cole slaw, russian dressing    17.45
E. Turkey pastrami, roast beef, cole slaw, russian dressing    17.45
F. Turkey & Chopped Liver bermuda onion, lettuce & tomato    15.95
G. Corned Beef & Pastrami cole slaw, russian dressing    17.45
H. Turkey corned beef, tongue, cole slaw, russian dressing    18.45
I. Pastrami corned beef, swiss, cole slaw, russian dressing    18.45
J. Turkey pastrami, roast beef, swiss, cole slaw    18.45
K. Turkey bacon, lettuce, tomato, mayo    15.25
L. Tuvia's Dilemma choice of any three meats    18.45


Hot Juicy Corned Beef     14.25
Artie's Own Roumanian Pastrami     14.25
Turkey Breast fresh roasted    14.25
Hot Brisket Of Beef     14.25
Roast Beef     14.25
Tongue     15.95
Tuna Melt     12.75
Artie's Own All Beef Salami     12.75
Bologna     13.45
Hard Salami "Artie's Own"     14.45
Tuna Or Chicken Salad     11.95
Chopped Liver     12.95
Nova Scotia Smoked Salmon on a bagel with a cream cheese & tomato    16.25
Egg Salad     11.75
Whitefish Salad on a bagel    16.25
Ham & Swiss     12.45
PLT grilled pastrami, lettuce & tomato    14.75

Artie's Own

Frankfurter     2.95
Knish potato or kasha    4.95
Chili Dog     5.95


Oversized Burger Deluxe 8oz. chargrilled burger served with french fries, onion lettuce & tomato    12.45
Pastrami Burger Deluxe 8oz. chargrilled burger with strips of grilled pastrami served with french fries, lettuce, tomato and onion    15.45
Turkey Burger Deluxe 8oz. chargrilled burger served with french fries, lettuce, tomato and onion    12.45
Veggie Burger Deluxe vegetarian delight served with french fries, lettuce, tomato and onion    11.95
Chicken Fingers Deluxe     13.75
Chicken Fingers Deluxe add swiss, muenster american, or provolone    1.25
Chicken Fingers Deluxe add bacon    1.95
Chicken Fingers Deluxe baked potato may be substitute for french fries. substitute onion rings or salad extra.    1.25

Hot Open Sandwiches

Hot Open Turkey Breast served with mashed potatoes    16.45
Hot Open Roast Beef served with mashed potatoes    16.45
Hot Open Brisket Of Beef served with mashed potatoes    16.45
Sliced Steak On Garlic Club served with french fries    17.95
Grilled Chicken Breast On Roll served with french fries    16.25

Daily Double

1. Corned Beef & Pastrami     16.25
2. Turkey & Tongue     17.25
3. Turkey Breast & Pastrami     16.25
4. Pastrami & Chopped Liver     16.25

Traditional Favorites

Stuffed Cabbage    (2) 20.95
Tongue with sweet and sour sauce    22.95
Special & Beans knockwurst grilled or boiled    16.25
Combination Platter stuffed cabbage, potato pancake, pierogi    19.45
Chicken Fingers Deluxe with french fries    13.75
Brisket Of Beef Dinner with potato pancake & vegetable    19.95
Roumanian Tenderloin Steak     22.95
Grilled Chicken Breast Dinner     18.25
Grilled Salmon Filet     20.95
Half-Rotisserie Chicken     17.95
Country Meatloaf with gravy    18.95
Chicken In The Pot * with chicken noodle soup & matzo ball    20.95
Cheese Blintzes * with sour cream    17.95


Pastrami Reuben sauerkraut with melted swiss & russian dressing    16.45
Corned Beef Reuben sauerkraut with melted swiss & russian dressing    16.45
Turkey Reuben sauerkraut with melted swiss & russian dressing    16.45
Grilled Chicken Reuben sauerkraut with melted swiss & russian dressing    16.45
Grilled Vegetable Reuben sauerkraut with melted swiss & russian dressing    16.45
Brisket Reuben sauerkraut with melted muenster & horseradish dressing    17.45
Corned Beef & Pastrami Reuben Combo sauerkraut with melted swiss & russian dressing    18.95

Cold Salad Platters

Tuna Salad Platter     13.45
Chicken Salad Platter     13.45
Egg Salad Platter     12.95
Nova Scotia Smoked Salmon Platter with a bagel, lettuce, tomato, onion and cream cheese, potato salad & cole slaw    17.75
Assorted Salad Platter select three from our showcase    17.25
Whitefish Salad Platter with a bagel, lettuce, tomato, onion, cream cheese potato salad & cole slaw    17.75
Chef Salad turkey, roast beef and swiss cheese, arranged in a large bowl of mixed tossed salad, with black olives & hard-boiled egg    16.25
Turkey Breast Chef Salad     17.25
Grilled Chicken Chef Salad     17.25
Jewish Chef Salad corned beef, pastrami, roast beef & turkey, arranged in a large bowl of mixed tossed salad, with black olives & had-boiled egg    17.95
Caesar Salad     11.95
Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad     15.95
Grilled Salmon Caesar Salad     19.95
Large Tossed Salad with mixed greens    11.95
Large Tossed Salad with chicken or tuna salad    14.95

Smoked Fish

Smoked Salmon (Nova) Bagel cream cheese & tomato    16.25
Smoked Salmon (Nova) Platter cream cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion, potato salad, cole slaw on an h&h bagel    17.75
Leo scrambled eggs with nova & sauteed onions    14.95
Whitefish Salad Bagel lettuce, tomato, onion    16.25
Whitefish Salad Platter lettuce, tomato, onion, potato salad, cole slaw on an h&h bagel    17.75

Chicken Specials

One Large Rotisserie Chicken choice of one free pound of coleslaw, potato salad, israeli salad, cucumber salad, tossed salad, sweet noodle kugel or potato pudding   ea 17.95
Fried Chicken Special    (8pcs) 18.95


French Fries     4.75
Potato Knish     4.95
Kasha Knish     4.95
Kasha Varnishkes     6.45
Small Tossed Salad     3.95
Potato Salad     3.50
Potato Pancake    (2) 5.50
Potato Pierogi     8.50
Baked Beans     4.45
Onion Rings     6.45
Fresh Vegetable     5.95
Baked Potato     4.45
Cranberry Relish     3.95
Mashed Potatoes     4.95
Macaroni Salad     3.75
Cucumber Salad     3.75
Sweet Or Hot Peppers     1.75
Noodle Kugel     8.75
Cole Slaw     3.50


The Best Rugelach homemade    7.25
Chocolate Chip Cookie     3.25
N.Y Cheese Cake     6.95
Cherry Or Blueberry Cheesecake     7.95
Jello with fruit salad    4.75
Baked Apple     5.75
Slice Of Birthday Cake     6.95
Rice Pudding     4.95
Black & White Cookie     3.50
Fresh Fruit Salad     6.45
Assorted Sliced Cakes call for selection    6.95
Vanilla Or Chocolate Ice Cream     4.75
Apple Strudel     6.95
Carrot Cake     6.95


Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice     4.25
Grapefruit Juice     2.50
Apple Juice     2.45
Lemonade     2.95


Coke diet coke, sprite, diet sprite    2.50
Dr. Brown's Sodas black cherry, cream, cel-ray, root beer, diet black cherry, diet cream    2.75
Coffee Or Tea    sm 1.75 lg 2.25
Large Iced Tea Or Iced Coffee     2.75
Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice    lg 3.95
Snapple     2.75
Natural Spring Water     2.25
Hot Chocolate    sm 2.95 lg 3.95
Espresso Regular Or Decaf     3.95
Double Espresso     5.75
Heineken     5.50
Sam Adams     5.50
Budweiser     5.50
Coors Light     5.50
New York Classic Egg Cream chocolate or vanilla    4.25
The Best Vanilla Or Chocolate Shake     5.25
Cappuccino     4.75
Iced Cappuccino     5.25

Continental Breakfast $14.50 Per Person

An Assortment Of Bagels   
Muffins And Croissants   
Cream Cheese   
Butter And Jelly   
Fresh Orange Juice   
Fresh Hot Coffee   
Assorted Teas   
All Utensils And Paper Goods   
Half & Half   
Sweet's Low   
Cut Lemons And Stirrers   

Hor's D'Oeuvres

Franks-N Blankets *    doz 15.95
Mini Potato Knishes *    doz 15.95
Mini Potato Pancake *    doz 15.95
Chopped Liver Mold    (lg 5lbs 25-45 ppl) 73.95 (med 3lbs 15-25 ppl) 50.95 (sm 2lbs 10-15 ppl) 38.95

Vegetable Crudite Platter

Fresh Cut Vegetables with russian dressing. small 12" round platter   (feeds 10-20 ppl) 55.95
Fresh Cut Vegetables with russian dressing. large 18" round platter   (feeds 20-40 ppl) 82.95
Grilled Vegetable Platter    sm 75.00 lg 95.00

Vegetable Crudite Platter

Carved Oven Roasted Turkey roasted turkey carved & off the frame with stuffing, giblet gravy and cranberry relish   (14-16lb turkey feeds 10ppl) 135.00
Carved Oven Roasted Turkey large sized turkeys also available  
Artie's Deli Heros all heros include free potato salad, coleslaw and pickle-relish tray. artie's own hero - artie's own famous pastrami, corned beef, roast turkey breast & roast beef, deli mustard & russian dressing   (3ft) 135.00 (6ft) 250.00
Artie's Deli Heros monday night football hero - ham, turkey, swiss, lettuce, tomato, mayo   (6ft) 250.00 (3ft) 135.00
Chicken Fingers boneless chicken breast fingers, honey mustard bbq dipping sauce   (10) 20.95 (bucket 100) 170.00 (bucket 50) 92.00 (25) 48.00
Artie's Buffalo Wings mild, medium, hot with blue cheese dressing, carrots and celery   (bucket 50) 45.95 (25) 24.95 (super bucket 100) 80.95
Cheese & Crackers Platter cheddar, swiss, provolone and muenster cubed and decorated on a platter with assorted crackers   (lg feeds 30-45ppl) 115.00 (sm feeds 10-30ppl) 75.00
Box Lunches deli sandwich, bag of chips, bottled water, bag of cookies    11.95  16.95
Rotisserie Chicken Platter rotisserie chicken cut in 1/8ths, fresh tossed salad, coleslaw and potato salad   (pp 10ppl min) 16.95
Fried Chicken Baskets fried chicken cut in 1/8ths, fresh tossed salad, coleslaw and potato salad   (pp 10ppl min) 16.95
Wraps an assortment of turkey breast, roast beef, tuna salad and grilled vegetable wraps, potato salad, coleslaw, pickles-relish tray   (pp 10ppl min) 14.95
Finishing Touches dr. brown's soda, coffee service, complete paper goods, waiter/waitress, hot dog cart  

Dessert Platters

Cookie & Rugelach Platter    (per person) 5.45
Fancy Cookie Platter    (per person) 4.95
The Best Jumbo Black & White Cookie    ea 3.25
New York Cheesecake     75.00
Large Dessert Platter    (10-15 ppl) 110.00
Birthday Cake    (10") 75.00


Artie's Delicatessen
2290 Broadway
At 83rd St
(212) 901-3764
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