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Argo Tea

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  • Coffee & Tea, Teahouses
  • 949 Broadway, New York 10010 40.740709 -73.989404
  • (At 23rd St)
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  • (646) 755-7262
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Signature Drinks

Red Velvet enticing red tea blended with natural raspberry and white chocolate. sweet, smooth and utterly addictive, our version of red velvet gets its color naturally from organic and antioxidant rich south african rooibos tea. all natural white chocolate adds a creamy sweetness, while natural raspberry lends a pleasant note. served hot or iced.  
Chocolate Mint revive with a cool blend of freshly brewed varietal tea and velvety dark chocolate luscious and creamy mix of tea, dark chocolate, cool mint and your milk of choice. get a double boost of free-radical fighting antioxidants from both dark chocolate and tea; you can also lower the caffeine level by choosing white tea or our armenian mint tea.  
Green Tea Ginger Twist® fresh ginger blended with lemon and mild green tea for a mellow and spicy twist of flavor and unique texture. our green tea ginger twist begins with high quality sencha green tea from japan; initial quick steaming of the leaves in the sencha preserves the green color and grassy notes. high in antioxidants, catechins and other vitamins and minerals combined with the purifying pieces of fresh ginger root. served hot or iced.  
White Tea Açai Squeeze® immunity boosting with brazilian acai berry, white tea and lemonade made from real lemon and natural cane sugar. enjoy the energizing effects and high amounts of antioxidants. acai berries have gained popularity as the super fruit in recent years for its various wellness properties, especially for the high levels of omega fatty acids and vitamins c, e and a. combined with rich antioxidant properties of white tea. served iced.  
Tea Sparkle® refreshing choice of varietal tea and one of 12 natural flavors splashed with carbonated water. made from real ingredients that are free of any artificial flavorings, colors or additives. try some of our favorite combinations black tea and peach, green tea and passion fruit, and white tea and blueberry. endless way to find a favorite flavor combination served iced. caffeine level varies with selection of varietal tea.  
Chai energizing assam black tea, cinnamon, ginger, cardamom, cloves and vanilla. uniquely sweet and spicy blended with madagascar vanilla and your choice milk or soy. served hot or iced both equally energizing and refreshing with moderate caffeine.  
Iced Pom Tea renew with antioxidant rich pomegranate juice blended red tea. a balanced blend of red tea and tangy pomegranates is one of a kind antioxidant-rich signature favorite. the acidic tannins from pomegranate juice leave a pleasant tanginess, beckoning the next sip. served hot or iced.  
Earl Grey Vanilla revitalize with the signature blend of black tea from the anhui province in china, blended with bergamot oil and madagascar vanilla smooth and sweet signature with the milk of your choice.  
Tea Squeeze® revitalizing and refreshing blend of hibiscus and lemon studies have suggested antioxidant rich hibiscus flowers are also heart healthy; vitamin c abundant with real lemon juice make this drink a sweet and tangy pick-me-up that's not only invigorating, but also good for you! like all of our signature drinks, tea squeeze™ is sweetened with cane sugar for a rounded, mellow sweetness. served iced.  
Carolina Honey® energizing blend of niligri black tea, honey and fresh lemon. inspired by a southern-style sweet tea. nilgiri tea, grown in the high altitudes of southern india, is the ideal match with honey and all natural lemon juice lightly sweetened with cane sugar further accentuates the notes of lemon while imparting a mellow, rounded sweetness. served hot or iced.  
Iced Maté Laté energizing antioxidant rich yerba maté blended with real almond and milk. our south american maté is uniquely blended real pieces of toasted almond and cocoa bits. maté is actually a species of the holly plant. the mateine in maté its energizing and invigorating which comes a multitude of vitamins and minerals, including vitamins a,c,e,b1, b2 and b5 as well as calcium, iron, potassium, magnesium and zinc. a delicious coffee alternative about half the caffeine of coffee. served hot or iced.  
Hibiscus Steamer® regenerate with vitamin c abundant hibiscus and crisp apple cider. hibiscus tea and apple cider mingle together to create a perfect balance of tart and sweet. rich in vitamin c and other minerals, hibiscus tea the natural apple cider and cane sugar give a mellow sweetness to this well-rounded drink. served hot or iced.  
Mojitea® refreshing cool mint tea, lime and cane sugar. cool mint tea and piquant lime juice intermingle into a complex and tart fusion. our mojitea, inspired by the mixed drink of a similar name, begins with freshly brewed armenian mint tea, to which we blend in all natural limejuice and natural mint sweetened with cane sugar. the sensation of mint gently secedes to the tart kick of lime, creating a refreshing taste.  
Iced Chai energizing assam black tea, cinnamon, ginger, cardamom, cloves and vanilla. uniquely sweet and spicy blended with madagascar vanilla and your choice milk or soy. served hot or iced both equally energizing and refreshing with moderate caffeine.  
Teappuccino® recharge with your favorite tea and an airy layer of perfectly steamed milk. add hint of natural flavor for an array of endless combinations. select tea with moderate or significantly less caffeine, or no caffeine at all! try a ginger peach teapuccino for a fruity black tea alternative, a green teapuccino for a dose of healthy catechins, or a red teapuccino for a caffeine free and antioxidant rich option.  
Smootea® rejuvenating icy blended signatures. berry, chai, acai, pom or green tea vanilla. our refreshing smootea blends combined freshly brewed tea, natural fruit juices and whole fruits with splash of cane sugar. low to moderate caffeine.  
Bubble Tea refreshing choices of freshly brewed black, green and red tea blended with milk and all natural de coco jelly pearls splashed with one of our natural mango, raspberry or coconut infusions. bubble tea may have its origins in taiwan, but we've given it our own unique argo tea twist. our bubble tea contains natural de coco jelly, unique and healthy signature of argo tea. some consider the low fat properties and high fiber content of nata de coco to be a healthier alternative to tapioca pearls. choose any tea varietal (green, black or red), a milk option, a natural flavor and enjoy!  
Tea Sangria® refreshing blend of victim rich hibiscus tea infused with fresh red and green apples, oranges and grapes. relax with the rejuvenating properties of hibiscus tea, rich in vitamin c and other minerals. enjoy at any age! served iced.  

Bottled Drinks

White Tea Açai Squeeze enjoy the immunity-boosting effects of antioxidant-rich white tea from china combined with brazilian açai and fresh lemonade. açai berries have gained popularity as a super-fruit in recent years. their various wellness properties include high levels of omega fatty acids and vitamins a, c, and e.  
Pomegranatea renew with a blend of antioxidant-rich south african rooibos, commonly known as red tea, and pomegranate. a balanced mix of red tea and tangy pomegranates define this one-of-a-kind signature favorite delivering a pleasant taste one sip at a time.  
Charitea lend a helping hand one bottle at a time with this delicious combination of hibiscus petals, sweet cherries, and vanilla. a percentage of proceeds from this signature drink are donated to charities.  
Carolina Honey get energized with caffeinated black tea from india infused with flower honey and fresh lemon. inspired by southern-style sweet tea, we have matched nilgiri black tea from the high altitudes of southern india with natural honey and lemons to accentuate the complexity of flavors in this traditional favorite.  
Green Tea Ginger Twist purify your body with healthy japanese green tea and the unique texture of fresh ginger for a mellow yet spicy twist of flavor. this signature drink begins with high quality sencha green tea leaves steamed to preserve the green color and grassy notes. the purifying pieces of fresh ginger root complete the zesty taste.  
Mojitea refresh with this complex and addictive fusion of cool mint tea and piquant lime. our version of the classic cocktail with a similar name is freshly brewed from armenian mint tea blended with all natural lime and pure cane sugar.  

Seasonal Drink

Aloe Mint Sparkle our season's favorite! try our sparkling iced mint tea with chewy and delightful pieces of healthy aloe. the natural cooling effect of mint makes this drink the perfect thirst quencher for the warmer season. aloe is good for digestion as well as boosting the immune system  

Green $5.95

24 Servings / 2 Oz

Green Tea japanese sencha blended with matcha; a bright, mild and soothing green tea  
Green Tea Chocolate Mint green tea infused with mint and dark chocolate  
Genmaicha green tea with roasted popped rice  
Green Tea Ginger Twist green tea with purifying ginger and a touch of lemon  
Moroccan Mist a refreshing burst of mint and healthy green tea  
Green Tea Strawberry Vanilla japanese sencha blended with strawberries and vanilla  


24 Servings / 2 Oz

Nilgiri Black Tea dark and intensely aromatic black tea.    4.95
Earl Grey Crème black tea with bergamot and vanilla    4.95
Darjeeling the renowned "champagne of teas" with a lively bite of muscatel    7.45
English Breakfast full-bodied blend of assam and aromatic black tea    5.45
Masala Chai assam tea blended with ginger, cinnamon, cardamom and vanilla    5.45
Carolina Honey blended black tea with honey and lemon    4.95
Black Currant lightly sweet currant blended with black tea    4.95
Mango Mambo an exotic blend of fragrant dried mangos and black tea    4.95
Ginger Peach black tea with a blend of spicy ginger and sweet peach    4.95


24 Servings / 2 Oz

Red Tea mellow smooth and refreshing, high in anti-oxidants and various minerals    4.95
Green Rooibos Vanilla unfermented and naturally delicate, with a hint of vanilla    5.45
Rooibos Chai red tea blended with cinnamon, cardamom, cloves and vanilla    5.95
Rooibos Pomegranate rooibos tea blended with pomegranate and cranberry    5.95

White & Rare

12 Servings / 1 Oz

White Tea a delicate, amber-hued brew made from the youngest leaves of the tea plant    3.75
Blueberry White delicate, light and smooth fine white tea and blueberries    3.95
White Tea Pomegranate lightly tart and smooth peony white tea with pomegranate    3.95
Oolong Formosa a vintage medium bodied sweet and nutty tea from the beautiful island of formosa    3.95
Jasmine Pearls hand-rolled pearls of green tea, fragrant with the aroma of jasmine    12.95


Maté Laté energizing delicacy blended with toasted cocoa and almond   (2 oz) 5.45
Roasted Maté earthy and invigorating, a healthy alternative to coffee   (2 oz) 4.95
Chamomile Blossoms naturally soothing, a light and aromatic herbal tea   (1 oz) 2.75
Hibiscus naturally rich ruby red herbal blend with a tangy sweetness   (2 oz) 4.95
Hibiscus Apple combination of tangy sweetness of refreshing hibiscus and crisp apple   (2 oz) 4.95
Berry Blast refreshing herbal blend with a tangy sweetness   (2 oz) 4.95
Fruit Sangria infusion of dried fruits, rosehips and hibiscus   (2 oz) 4.95
Armenian Mint a revitalizing smooth and refreshingly cool blend of mint   (1 oz) 2.95


Argo Coffee preparation for brewing, we recommend using one rounded teaspoon of our café blend for six ounces of fresh water. our medium grind is suitable for either filter drip or french press. please adjust to your personal taste.   (12 oz per box) 11.95


Argo Tea
949 Broadway
At 23rd St
(646) 755-7262
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