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Arbor Bistro

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  • Japanese, Sushi
  • 226 W Houston St, New York NY10014 40.728707 -74.004855
  • (At 7th Ave)
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  • (212) 255-7888
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Lunch Specials

Available Until 4pm Daily.

Wok & Grill

Served With A Salad, Miso Soup, Rice, Plus Veggie Mini-Roll Or Fried Shumai.

Tangerine Crispy Chicken Lunch Special *   9.00
Chicken Teryiaki Lunch Special    9.00
Salmon Teriyaki Lunch Special    10.00
Thai Crispy Chicken Cutlet Lunch Special    9.00
Arbor House Ribs Lunch Special   (3pcs) 9.00
Mango Chicken Lunch Special *   9.00
Mango Shrimp Lunch Special    9.00
Thai Basil With Chicken Lunch Special    9.00
Thai Basil With Shrimp Lunch Special    9.00
Green Curry Lunch Special *   9.00
Tempura Shrimp Lunch Special with mixed vegetables.  (2pcs) 10.00
Sautéed Diced Chicken Lunch Special    9.00
Sautéed Diced Tofu Lunch Special    9.00
Sautéed Diced Beef Lunch Special    10.00
Indian Curry Chicken Lunch Special * served over rice.   9.00
Sautéed Broccoli Lunch Special    9.00
String Bean Lunch Special    9.00
Sautéed Garlic Lunch Special    9.00
General Tso's Chicken Lunch Special *   9.00
Sesame Seed Chicken Lunch Special    9.00
Sautéed Mixed Veggies Lunch Special    9.00
Pad Thai Lunch Special    9.00
Singapore Stir Fried Rice Vermicelli Lunch Special    9.00
Stir Fried Udon Noodle Lunch Special    9.00
Classic Fried Rice Lunch Special    9.00
Pineapple Fried Rice Lunch Special    9.00

Roll Combo

Served With A Salad And Miso Soup.

Roll Lunch  (2) 8.50(3) 11.75
roll selection: california roll, philadelphia roll, boston roll, tuna roll, salmon roll, yellowtail scallion roll, yellowtail jalapeño roll, spicy tuna roll, crunchy spicy tuna roll, spicy salmon roll, crunchy spicy salmon roll, tuna avocado roll tuna cucumber roll, salmon avocado roll, salmon cucumber roll, shrimp avocado roll, eel avocado roll, eel cucumber roll, kamikaze roll, salmon skin roll, shrimp tempura roll, avocado roll, cucumber roll, avocado cucumber roll, a.a.c. roll, sweet potato tempura roll, veggie tempura roll.   

Light & Fit

Served With Miso Soup.

Field Green Salad & 1 Classic Roll Lunch    9.00
Avocado Salad & 1 Classic Roll Lunch    9.00
Seaweed Salad & 1 Classic Roll Lunch    9.00
Kani Salad & 1 Classic Roll Lunch    9.00
Spicy Mango Salad & 1 Classic Roll Lunch *   9.00
Avocado Salad & 1 Special Roll Lunch    16.00
Field Green Salad & 1 Special Roll Lunch    16.00
Seaweed Salad & 1 Special Roll Lunch    16.00
Kani Salad & 1 Special Roll Lunch    16.00
Spicy Mango Salad & 1 Special Roll Lunch *   16.00

Sushi Bar

Served With A Salad And Miso Soup.

Sushi Lunch Special sushi and a california roll.  (5pcs) 10.00
Sashimi Lunch Special sashimi and rice.  (7pcs) 11.00
Tuna & Salmon Sushi Lunch Special 2 pcs. of tuna, 2 pcs. of salmon and a roll.   12.00
Sushi & Sashimi Lunch Special 3 pcs. of sushi, 5 pcs. of sashimi and a california roll.   14.00
Toasted Eel Over Rice Lunch Special    11.00


Kitchen Starters

Edamame    4.50
Indian Pancake With Chicken Curry Dipping *   5.00
Shumai japanese shrimp dumplings.  (6pcs) 5.00
Dumplings   (6pcs) 5.00
Fried Veggie Mini Rolls   (6pcs) 5.00
Peking Duck Steamed Buns   (2pcs) 7.50
Peking Duck Spring Roll    7.00
Satay Skewer marinated meat, char-grilled, served with peanuts and satay dipping.  (4pcs) 7.00
Arbor Spring Roll crab meat, cream cheese inside, deep-fried to golden crispy.  (4pcs) 7.00
Arbor Special Ribs   (3pcs) 8.00
Calamari battered calamari rings deep-fried to crispy, served with sweet chili sauce.   8.00
Thai Spiced Lettuce Wrap * stir-fried with basil, onion, chili pepper, pineapple, fresh lime juice and served with lettuce leaves.   8.00
Rock Shrimp Tempura battered rock shrimp fried to golden crispy with citrus mayo dipping.   9.00
Shrimp & Vegetables Tempura Appetizer battered and deep-fried. served with tempura dipping.   9.00
Grill Basil Eggplant grilled eggplant with chef special basil sauce.   9.00
Beef Roti Wrap tender beef sauteed with onion and pepper wrapped in roti pancake. 2 pieces.   7.00

Sushi Bar Starters

Sushi Sandwich    7.50
Sushi Appetizer 4 pcs of assorted sushi   8.00
Sashimi Appetizer 5 pcs of assorted fish   8.00
Saigon Spicy Tuna Wrap    8.00
Salmon Capriccio   (8pcs) 8.00
Sashimi Q Wrap fresh sashimi wrapped in cucumber.  (6pcs) 9.00
Sea Scallop seared scallop with black pepper, sea salt, garnished with cilantro, serrano pepper, soy in citrus, and yuzu soy dressing.   10.00
Mango Tango spicy tuna and salmon mixed w. mango, avocado and crunchy dressed w. mango sauce.   10.00
Yellowtail Jalapeño thinly sliced yellowtail with citrus yuzu soy dressing. garnished with cilantro serrano and chili pepper.   10.00
Tataki powdered w. black pepper, pan-seared, served w. honey wasabi sauce   11.00
Hawaiian Tuna pan-seared chili super white tuna and avocado topped with chef`s special dressing.   11.00


Miso Soup tofu, prince mushroom, seaweed and scallion.   2.50
Lemongrass Seafood Soup shrimp, scallop, crab meat, prince mushrooms and vermicelli.   5.50
Arbor Special Soup sliced chicken, corn, potato and celery.   5.00


Field Green Salad ginger dressing.   5.00
Seaweed Salad    5.00
Spicy Mango Salad shredded mango, jimaca, crispy vermicelli, crushed peanuts in mildly spicy thai chili sauce.   6.00
Kani Salad crab meat, tobiko, cucumber and avocado.   6.00
Spicy Tuna Avocado Salad diced tuna and avocado with mixed greens.   8.00
Calamari Salad cherry tomato, raisin, almond with caesar dressing.   8.00
Salmon Skin Salad salmon skin, cucumber, seaweed, almond, and mixed greens.   8.00
Avocado Salad field green salad topped with avocado, served with chef`s special dressing.    7.00

Noodles & Rice

Pad Thai stir-fried with fried tofu, onion, pepper and bean sprouts topped with peanuts.   11.00
Malaysian Pineapple Fried Rice pineapple, corn, onion, topped with raisin.   11.00
Yaki Udon stir-fried with baby bok choy, onion, bell pepper and carrots.   11.00
Singapore Stir-Fried Rice Vermicelli stir-fried with onion, green pepper, bean sprouts, egg, topped with fried onion.   11.00
Classic Fried Rice egg, onion, peas, carrots.   10.00

Sushi & Sashimi

Tuna    3.00
White Tuna    3.00
Super White Tuna    3.00
Salmon    3.00
Smoked Salmon    3.00
Fluke    3.00
Eel    3.00
Shrimp    3.00
Stripe Bass    3.00
Octopus    3.00
Scallop    3.50
Flying Fish Caviar    3.00
Jumbo Sweet Shrimp    4.50
Yellowtail    3.50
Red Snapper    3.50
Snow Crab    3.50
Sea Eel    4.00
Salmon Toro    4.00
Yellowtail Toro    4.25
Inari    2.50
Tamago    2.50
Squid    2.50
Surf Clam    2.50
Sea Urchin    5.00
Salmon Caviar    3.50

Classic Rolls

California Roll inside out roll (rice outside).   4.50
Tuna Roll maki roll (seaweed outside).   4.50
Salmon Roll maki roll (seaweed outside).   4.50
Tuna Avocado Roll inside out roll (rice outside).   5.50
Tuna Cucumber Roll inside out roll (rice outside).   5.50
Salmon Avocado Roll inside out roll (rice outside).   5.50
Salmon Cucumber Roll    5.50
Shrimp Avocado Roll inside out roll (rice outside).   5.50
Shrimp Cucumber Roll inside out roll (rice outside).   5.50
Shrimp Asparagus Roll inside out roll (rice outside).   5.50
Eel Avocado Roll inside out roll (rice outside).   6.00
Eel Cucumber Roll inside out roll (rice outside).   6.00
Yellowtail Scallion Roll maki roll (seaweed outside).   6.00
Spicy Tuna Roll inside out roll (rice outside).   6.00
Spicy Salmon Roll inside out roll (rice outside).   6.00
Crunchy Spicy Tuna Roll inside out roll (rice outside).   6.50
Crunchy Spicy Salmon Roll inside out roll (rice outside).   6.50
Boston Roll inside out roll (rice outside).   6.00
Yellowtail Jalapeño Roll inside out roll (rice outside).   6.00
Salmon Skin Roll    5.75
Shrimp Tempura Roll inside out roll (rice outside).   6.50
Eel Tempura Roll inside out roll (rice outside).   6.50
Seafood Tempura Roll inside out roll (rice outside).   7.00
Crunchy Spicy Scallop Roll inside out roll (rice outside).   7.50
Spicy Crab Caviar Roll inside out roll (rice outside).   8.00
Snow Crab Avocado Roll inside out roll (rice outside).   8.00
Spider Roll inside out roll (rice outside).   10.00
Avocado Roll inside out roll (rice outside).   4.25
Cucumber Roll inside out roll (rice outside).   4.25
Shiitake Cucumber Roll inside out roll (rice outside).   4.75
A.A.C. Roll inside out roll (rice outside).   4.75
Sweet Potato Tempura Roll inside out roll (rice outside).   5.75
Veggie Tempura Roll inside out roll (rice outside).   6.00
Salmon Jalapeño Roll    5.50
Philadelphia Roll inside out roll (rice outside).   6.50
Spicy Mango Shrimp Roll    6.50
Peanut Avocado Roll    5.50
Banana Mania Roll    7.00

Special Rolls

Pink Lady Roll eel, spicy tuna, avocado, crunchy wrapped in pink soy paper.   12.00
Rainbow Roll california roll topped with tuna, salmon, yellowtail, shrimp, white fish and tobiko.   12.00
Dragon Roll crab and cucumber inside with eel and avocado outside. served with eel sauce and caviar.   12.00
Spicy Girl Roll crunchy spicy salmon topped with salmon and avocado.   13.00
Golden Dragon Roll spicy crunchy salmon, avocado roll topped with fresh mango and tobiko.   13.00
Phoenix Roll shrimp tempura with avocado inside and topped with spicy tuna, jalapeño, eel sauce and spicy mayo.    14.00
Varick Roll lobster salad avocado roll topped with fresh kiwi, glazed with mango sauce.   13.00
Mamamia Roll crunchy spicy shrimp avocado roll topped with super white tuna and wasabi tobiko.   13.00
Red Hot Dragon Roll tuna avocado roll topped with spicy crunchy tuna.    14.00
City Hall Roll rock shrimp avocado roll inside topped with spicy crab meat and dried seaweed.   14.00
Out Of Control Roll spicy tuna spicy yellowtail topped with crunchy spicy snow crab.   15.00
Volcano Roll shrimp tempura, spicy mayo inside topped with mango, lobster salad and black tobiko.    15.00
Lion Dance Roll shrimp tempura and wasabi tobiko inside topped with spicy crunchy tuna, avocado and drizzled with spicy mayo and eel sauce.   15.00
King Lobster Roll lobster tempura, avocado, cucumber and lettuce wrapped in soy bean paper.   16.00
Addiction deep-fried spicy salmon with eel and cream cheese inside. topped with tobiko, scallion, spicy mayo and eel sauce.    12.00
Hudson lightly-fried spicy tuna with advocado inside, topped with crab sticks and sweet spicy onion sauce.    13.00
Arbor Special Roll spicy snow crab with avocado inside, and topped with eel, tuna and eel sauce.    15.00

Roll Combos

Veggie Roll Combo avocado roll, shiitake cucumber roll and a.a.c. roll.   14.00
Classic Roll Combo salmon avocado roll, eel cucumber roll and california roll.   15.00
Spicy Roll Combo spicy tuna roll, spicy salmon roll, spicy yellowtail roll.   16.00
Tempura Roll Combo shrimp tempura roll, eel tempura roll and sweet tempura roll.   16.00

Sushi Bar Entrées

Served With Miso Soup.

Regular Sushi Entrée 8 pcs. of sushi.   18.00
Regular Sashimi Entrée 16 pcs. of assorted fish.   23.00
Arbor Sushi Special Entrée chef selection of daily fish.   24.00
Arbor Sashimi Special Entrée    30.00
Sushi Trio Entrée 3 pcs. of tuna, salmon and yellowtail with a roll.   25.00
Chirashi Entrée 13 pcs. of assorted sashimi served with sushi rice.   20.00
Sushi Time Entrée 6 pcs. of sashimi, 4 pcs. of sushi, a tuna avocado roll and a eel cucumber hand roll.   27.00
Vegetarian Sushi Entrée 7 pcs. of assorted vegetable sushi with an avocado cucumber roll.   16.00
Sushi For Two Entrée 12 pcs. of sushi, a spicy crunchy tuna roll, a salmon avocado roll and a volcano roll.   47.00
Sushi & Sashimi For Two Entrée 8 pcs. of sushi, 12 pcs of sashimi, an eel cucumber roll, crunchy spicy salmon roll, mamamia roll and kani sashimi q wrap.   59.00

Wok & Grill Signatures

Serve With White Or Brown Rice.

Broccoli Grill with your choice of meat.   11.00
Thai Green Curry broccoli, eggplant, mushroom and bell peppers.   12.00
Teryiaki served over steamed mixed vegetables.   14.00
Crispy Tangerine seasoned and fried to crispy and glazed with tangerine sauce.   14.00
Thai Crispy Chicken Cutlet breaded chicken breast deep-fried to golden crispy and juicy with sweet and spicy sauce.   14.00
Tropical Mango fresh mango, onion and bell pepper sautéed in spicy sweet mango sauce.   14.00
Thai Basil sautéed with eggplant, mushrooms, onion, sweet peas and fresh basil leaves.   14.00
X.O. Sauce sautéed with sweet peas, broccoli, mushrooms and onion.   14.00
Thai Sautéed String Beans    14.00
General Tso's Grill with your choice of meat.   14.00
Arbor Tender Rib marinated, spiced ribs grilled to tender and glazed with chef`s special sauce.   16.00
Sangria Crispy Duck crispy dusk glazed with fruity red wine sauce.   16.00
Tempura Shrimp & Mixed Vegetable   (4) 16.00
Korean Grilled Baby Back Ribs marinated short ribs, grilled in korean style, served on mixed greens.   17.00
Char-Grilled Chilean Sea Bass served over asparagus, baby carrot, zucchini, sweet peas and miso orange sauce.   21.00


Lightly Sautéed Or Steamed.

Mixed Veggies    9.50
Baby Bok Choy    9.50
String Beans    9.50
Broccoli    9.50
Asparagus    11.00
Shiitake Mushrooms & Tofu    11.00

Side Orders

White Rice    1.50
Brown Rice    1.50
Sushi Rice    2.00


New York Cheesecake    5.00
Sorbet    6.00
Green Tea Ice Cream    5.00
Tiramisu    6.00
Fried Banana Roll   (4pcs) 5.00


Soda soda: coke, diet coke, sprite, diet sprite, iced tea, ginger ale, seltzer.   1.50
Bottled Water    1.50
Perrier    3.50
Voss Water voss water selection: still water, sparkling water sm 3.00 lg 3.50

Dressing & Sauces $1

Ginger Dressing    
Hot Sauce    
Teriyaki Sauce    
Peanut Sauce    
Dumpling Sauce    
Sweet Chili Sauce    
Ponzu Sauce    
Citrus Mayo Sauce    
Spicy Mayo    
Eel Sauce    
* Hot & Spicy
Arbor Bistro
226 W Houston St
At 7th Ave
(212) 255-7888
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