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Amish Market Tribeca

  • $
  • Deli Food, Salads, Sandwiches
  • 53 Park Pl, New York 10007 40.713969 -74.01014
  • (Btwn Broadway & Church St)
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  • (917) 924-1248
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Amish Breakfast

1. One Egg Sandwich On A Roll     2.49
2. Two Egg Whites On A Roll     3.99
3. BLT bacon, lettuce & tomato.    5.99
4. Two Eggs With Meat turkey, pastrami or salami.    4.99
5. Grilled Cheese     4.99
6. Two Egg Omelette Platter served with home fries & toast.    4.99
7. Western Omelette Platter ham, onion & peppers. served with home fries & toast.    6.99
8. Mediterranean Omelette Platter tomato, onion & feta. served with home fries & toast.    5.99
9. Mexican Omelette tomato, jalapeño & cheddar. served with home fries & toast.    6.99
10. Amish Omelette Platter mushroom, mozzarella & onion. served with home fries & toast.    4.99
11. Nova Scotia Omelette smoked salmon, scallion & tomato. served with home fries & toast.    8.99
12. Southwestern Wrap egg, onion, peppers & home fries.    5.99
14. Tuscan Wrap egg, sausage, peppers, tomato & mozzarella.    5.99
15. Mexican Wrap egg, tomato, jalapeño, onion & pepper jack.    5.99
16. Veggie Wrap egg & mixed veggies.    5.99
17. Healthy Veggie Wrap egg whites & mixed veggies.    6.99
18. French Toast served with butter and syrup.   (3pcs) 3.99
19. Buttermilk Pancakes served with butter and syrup.   (2pcs) 3.99
20. Home Fries     2.99
21. Toast     1.99
22. Hot Oatmeal choice of water, milk, skim milk or soy milk.    2.99

Fresh Starters, Bagels & Pastries

Granola Low-Fat Yogurt Parfait     4.99
Croissant     1.99
Danish     1.99
Scone     1.99
Muffin     1.99
Fresh Cut Fruit watermelon, cantaloupe, honeydew, strawberry, mango, pineapple & papaya.   (1/2 lb.) 3.99
Bagel With Smoked Salmon & Cream Cheese with onion & tomato.    7.99

Earthfresh Salad Bar

Caesar Salad   
Greek Salad With Feta Cheese   
Mesclun Salad   
Grilled Chicken With Asparagus And Sun-Dried Tomatoes when available.  
Chickpeas With Onions And Bell Peppers   
Wild Rice Salad   
Tortellini Pasta With Spinach   
Italian Tuna Salad With Vegetables   
Chicken Pasta Salad   
Baked Fruit Salad   
Grilled Mixed Vegetables   
Chicken Caesar Salad   
Tuscan Salad With Grilled Chicken   
Shepherd Salad   
Artichoke Salad   
Three Beans Salad   
Eggplant Caponata   
Mediterranean String Beans In Tomato Sauce   
Pasta With Vegetables   
Crabmeat Salad With Celery   
Curry Chicken   
Pasta With Tuna Salad   
Kale Salad   
Corn Salad   
Mozzarella Salad   
Spicy Chicken Salad   
Watermelon salad bar  
Honeydew salad bar  
Kiwi salad bar  
Papaya salad bar  
Cantaloupe salad bar  
Strawberries salad bar  
Oranges salad bar  
Grapes salad bar  

Earthfresh Hot Bar

Mashed Potatoes   
White Rice   
Sweet Mashed Potatoes   
Spinach Pie   
Roasted Potatoes   
Chicken Marsala when available.  
Sautéed Mushrooms   
Grilled Vegetables   
Yellow Rice   
Sweet Potatoes   
Baked Tilapia   
Baked Chicken   
Grilled Chicken In Lemon Sauce   
Beef Stew   
Beef Oxtail   
Basa Fillet   

French Crêpes $7.99

Marseille Crêpe fresh mozzarella.  
Belgian Crêpe spinach and onion.  
California Crêpe beef, mushroom & onion.  
Provence Crêpe chicken, mushroom & onion.  
Parisian Crêpe choice of two toppings.  

Tribeca Delicatessen Sandwiches

1. Breaded Chicken Sandwich     7.99
2. Fresh Mozzarella Sandwich     6.99
3. Ham Sandwich     7.49
4. Turkey Sandwich     7.49
5. Tuna Fish Sandwich     6.99
6. Grilled Chicken Sandwich     7.99
7. Black Forest Ham Sandwich     7.99
8. Honey Turkey Sandwich     7.49
9. Roast Beef Sandwich     8.99
10. Prosciutto Sandwich     8.99
11. Mortadella Sandwich     6.99
12. Italian Combo Sandwich     8.99
13. Classic Deli Club Sandwich     8.49
14. Virginia Ham Sandwich     7.49
15. Pastrami Sandwich     8.99
16. Chicken Salad Sandwich     7.49
17. Smoked Salmon Sandwich     9.49
18. Triple Cheese Combo Sandwich     7.49
19. Egg Salad Sandwich     5.99

Tribeca Delicatessen Hot Sandwiches

1. Shrimp Salad Sandwiches     8.99
2. Crab Cake Sandwich     8.99
3. Chipotle Chicken Sandwich     8.99
4. Turkey Burger Sandwich     8.49
5. Turkey From The Frank With Cranberry Sandwich     9.99


1. Amish Grilled Chicken Wrap with avocado, lettuce, roasted red peppers, onion and spicy hot sauce.    7.49
2. Roast Beef Wrap with swiss cheese, tomato, roasted red peppers and house dressing.    8.99
3. New York Combo Wrap with grilled chicken, turkey, ham, lettuce, tomato and house dressing.    7.99
4. Amish Club Wrap with roasted beef, turkey, cheddar cheese, lettuce and tomato.    8.99
5. Meat Lover Wrap with turkey, salami, cheese, honey mustard, ham, lettuce and tomato.    8.49
6. Tuna Royal Wrap  with tuna salad, pickles, lettuce and tomato.    7.49
7. Chicken Casear Wrap with grilled chicken, parmesan cheese, caesar dressing, lettuce and tomato.    7.49
8. Chicken Supreme Wrap with breaded chicken, fresh mozzarella cheese, roasted red peppers, lettuce and tomato.    7.99
9. Italian Wrap with sopressatta, mortadella, genoa salami, provolone, lettuce & tomato.    7.99
10. Oriental Wrap  with sesame chicken, asian sauce, lettuce and tomato.    7.99
11. Chicken Lover Wrap with grilled chicken, cheddar cheese, lettuce and tomato.    7.49
12. Mozzarella Lover Wrap with fresh mozzarella cheese, sun-dried tomatoes, fresh basil and tomato.    7.49
13. Turkey Delight Wrap with swiss cheese, lettuce and tomato.    6.99
14. Ham Wrap with cheese, lettuce and tomato.    7.49
15. Amish Deluxe Wrap with goat cheese, tomato, cucumber, lettuce and house dressing.    7.99
16. Grilled Vegetable Wrap with eggplant, zucchini, peppers, asparagus, mushroom and a touch of parmesan cheese.    7.99

Panini Bar $6.99

1. The Italiano Panini with genoa salami, soppressata, roasted red peppers, fresh mozzarella & pesto sauce.    7.99
2. Siciliano Panini with proscuitto, ham, mozzarella, sun-dried tomatoes, arugula & balsamic vinaigrette.  
3. New York Combo Panini with pastrami, corned beef, provolone, mustard, house dressing, lettuce & tomato.  
4. Meat Lovers Panini corned beef, turkey, roast beef, coleslaw, swiss cheese, russian dressing & spinach.  
5. Royale Panini with roasted beef, muenster cheese, onion, russian dressing, lettuce & tomato.  
6. Chicken Supreme Panini with breaded chicken, ham, swiss cheese & house dressing.  
7. Roma Panini with breaded chicken, fresh mozzarella, marinara sauce, fresh basil & parmesan cheese.  
8. Spicy Panini with peppercorn turkey, cheddar, cucumber, tomato & hot sauce.  
9. Chicken Lover Panini with grilled chicken, cheddar, roasted red peppers, onion & salsa sauce.  
10. Mozzarella Lover Panini with fresh mozzarella, sun-dried tomato, fresh basil, spinach & tomato.  
11. Chicken Panini with avocado, roasted red peppers & fresh mozzarella.  
11. Cheese Lover Panini with cheddar, mozzarella, swiss cheese, roasted red peppers & house dressing.  
12. Amish Panini with honey glazed turkey, jarlsberg cheese, coleslaw & honey mustard.  
13. Park Place Panini with salami, ham, provolone & pesto sauce.  
14. Raphael Panini with sun-dried tomato turkey, fresh mozzarella, fresh basil, lettuce & tomato.  
15. Grilled Chicken Pesto Panini with pesto sauce, roasted red peppers & goat cheese.  

Monterey Quesadillas $6.49

1. Portabella Quesadilla portabella mushrooms, sun-dried tomatoes, roasted pepper, olives, mozzarella, cheddar cheese & wheat tortilla.  
2. Mixed Veggie Quesadilla oven roasted peppers, zucchini, eggplant, onions, cheddar cheese & wheat tortilla.  
3. Baja Quesadilla grilled chicken breast, cheddar cheese, saut??ed broccoli, monterey jack & whole wheat tortilla.  
4. Cajun Quesadilla grilled cajun chicken breast, sautéed tomatoes, onino, cheddar cheese, peppers & wheat tortilla.  
5. Cancun Quesadilla grilled chicken breast, sautéed spinach, fresh mozzarella, onions & whole wheat tortilla.  

Brick Oven Sandwiches $7.49

1. New Yorker Brick Oven Sandwich roast beef, red onion, plum tomatoes & cheddar cheese.  
2. Chicken Fiesta Brick Oven Sandwich grilled chicken, caramleized onion, roasted red peppers & salsa sauce.  
3. Chicken Parmesan Brick Oven Sandwich chicken cutlet, fresh mozzarella & marinara sauce.  
4. Mona Lisa Brick Oven Sandwich grilled chicken marinated with cheyenne pepper sauce, arugula, fresh mozzarella & blue cheese dressing.  
5. Veggie Brick Oven Sandwich grilled peppers, zucchini, eggplant, asparagus, pesto sauce, fresh mozzarella & parmesan cheese.  
6. Portabella Biente Brick Oven Sandwich portabella mushroom, sun-dried tomatoes, roasted red peppers, caramelized onions & fresh mozzarella.  
7. Chicken Pesto Brick Oven Sandwich grilled chicken, pesto sauce, fresh tomatoes, arugula & provolone cheese.  
8. Eggplant Parmesan Brick Oven Sandwich breaded eggplant, fresh mozzarella & marinara sauce.  

Gozleme $6.49

1. Alanya Gozleme feta cheese & parsley.  
2. Pazari Gozleme spinach & onion.  
3. Mediterranean Gozleme grilled chicken, tomato, peppers & onion.  
4. Istanbul Gozleme ground beef, tomato, peppers & onion.  
5. Veggie Gozleme mixed vegetables, potato & onion.  

Napoli Calzone & Brick Oven Roll $7.49

1. Chicken Roll grilled chicken, fresh mozzarella & marinara sauce.  
2. Chicken Broccoli Roll grilled chicken, sautéed broccoli, fresh mozzarella & marinara sauce.  
3. BBQ Chicken Roll grilled chicken, bbq sauce, fresh mozzarella & marinara sauce.  
4. Ham & Brie Roll ham, brie cheese, fresh mozzarella & marinara sauce.  
5. Prosciutto Deluxe Roll prosciutto, arugula, fresh mozzarella & marinara sauce.  
6. Napolitano Roll riccotta, parmesan & fresh mozzarella.  
7. Spinach And Roasted Peppers Roll sautéed spinach, onion, dill, roasted red peppers, fresh mozzarella & marinara sauce.  
8. Eggplant Parm Roll breaded eggplant, fresh mozzarella & marinara sauce.  
9. Funghi Roll mixed mushroom, fresh mozzarella & marinara sauce.  
10. Meat Lovers Roll italian sweet sausage, pepperoni, ham, fresh mozzarella & marinara sauce.  

Brick Oven Pizza

Pomodoro Pizza plum tomatoes and homemade marinara sauce, topped with fresh parsley (without cheese).    9.99  13.99
American Pizza shredded mozzarella cheese, homemade marinara sauce and pepperoni.    15.99  11.99
Bianca Pizza ricotta, parmesan and fresh mozzarella cheeses and sun-dried tomatoes. (without sauce)    16.99  13.99
American Hot Pizza shredded mozzarella cheese, homemade marinara sauce, pepperoni and jalapeños.    13.99  16.99
Pesto Chicken Pizza grilled chicken, marinated with pesto sauce, plum tomatoes, mozzarella cheese and homemade marinara sauce.    14.99  17.99
Spinach & Roasted Peppers Pizza sautéed spinach, onions, dill, roasted peppers, homemade marinara sauce and mozzarella cheese, topped with parmesan cheese.    14.99  17.99
Quattro Fromaggi Pizza pecorino romano, parmesan, provolone and mozzarella cheeses and homemade marinara sauce.    15.99  18.99
Capricciosa Pizza ham, black olives, mushrooms, marinated artichokes, mozzarella cheese and homemade marinara sauce.    15.99  18.99
Prosciutto Di Parma Pizza thinly sliced prosciutto, arugula, mozzarella cheese and homemade marinara sauce.    16.99  19.99
Parma Pizza prosciutto, gorgonzola cheese and balsamic vinaigrette.    19.99  16.99
Basic Gourmet Pizza mozzarella cheese and homemade marinara sauce.    14.99  9.99
Margherita Pizza fresh mozzarella cheese, homemade marinara sauce and cherry tomatoes, topped with fresh basil.    13.99  16.99
BBQ Chicken Pizza bbq chicken, caramelized onions, mozzarella cheese and marinara sauce.    14.99  16.99
Ortolano Pizza roasted mixed vegetables, mozzarella cheese and homemade marinara sauce.    12.99  17.99
Neopolitan Pizza mozzarella cheese, plum tomatoes and fresh basil, topped with pesto sauce.    14.99  17.99
Vesuvio Pizza anchovies, olives, capers, peperoncino, mozzarella cheese and homemade marinara sauce.    14.99  18.99
Hawaiian Pizza ham, pineapple, fresh mozzarella cheese and homemade marinara sauce.    14.99  18.99
Parmigiano Pizza thinly sliced eggplant, plum tomatoes, parmesan, ricotta and mozzarella cheeses and homemade marinara sauce.    15.99  18.99
Super Supreme Pizza sausage, pepperoni, mushrooms, ham, mozzarella cheese and homemade marinara sauce.    15.99  19.99
Crispito Pizza fresh mozzarella cheese, roasted peppers, cherry tomatoes and homemade marinara sauce.    15.99  19.99

Sushi Bar

1. California Roll crab sticks, cucumber and avocado.    6.99
2. Brown Rice California Roll crab sticks, cucumber and avocado.    7.49
3. Brown Rice Vegetables Combo Roll carrot, cucumber and avocado    6.99
4. Spicy Tuna Roll tuna, cucumber with spicy sauce.    6.99
5. Brown Rice Spicy Tuna Roll tuna, cucumber with spicy sauce.    7.49
6. Spicy Salmon Roll salmon, cucumber with spicy sauce.    6.99
7. Brown Rice Spicy Salmon Roll  salmon, cucumber with spicy sauce.    7.49
8. Tuna Avocado Roll     6.99
9. Brown Rice Tuna Avocado Roll     7.49
10. Salmon Avocado Roll     6.99
11. Brown Rice Salmon Avocado Roll     7.49
12. Eel Avocado Roll     7.99
13. Brown Rice Eel Avocado Roll      8.49
14. Tempura Shrimp Roll tempura shrimp, crab sticks, avocado, cucumber, sweet sauce, spicy sauce and fish roe.    11.99
15. Rainbow Roll california roll topped with tuna, salmon, red snapper, cooked shrimp and fish roe.    11.99
16. Brown Rice Rainbow Roll california roll topped with tuna, salmon, red snapper, cooked shrimp and fish roe.    12.99
17. Salmon Special Combo 4 pcs of salmon sushi and 10 pcs of salmon avocado oil.    12.99
18. Brown Rice Salmon Special Combo 4 pcs salmon sushi and 10 pcs of salmon avocado roll.    13.99
19. Tuna Special Combo 4 pcs of tuna sushi and 10 pcs of tuna avocado roll.    12.99
20. Brown Rice Tuna Special Combo 4 pcs of tuna and 10 pcs of tuna avocado roll.    13.99
21. Eel Special Combo 4 pcs of eel sushi and 10 pcs of eel avocado roll.    13.99
22. Brown Rice Eel Special Combo 4 pcs of eel sushi and 10 pcs of eel avocado roll.    14.99
23. Amish Special Combo 4 pcs of chef`s choice assorted sushi and 10 pcs of chef's choice roll.    12.99
24. Brown Rice Amish Special Combo 4 pcs of chef`s choice assorted sushi and 10 pcs of chef's choice roll.    13.99
25. Nigiri Pack 8 pcs of chef`s choice assorted sushi.    12.99
26. Brown Rice Nigiri Pack 8 pcs of chef`s choice assorted sushi.    13.99
27. Seaweed Salad     4.99
28. Calamari Salad     5.99
29. Edamame     3.99
30. Shrimp Gyoza Dumplings     4.99
31. Vegetable Gyoza Dumplings     4.99
32. Shrimp Shumai Dumplings     5.99

Aegean Doner & Kebabs

1. Chicken Doner On A Wrap     7.99
2. Chicken Shish Kebab On A Wrap     7.99
3. Adana Lamb Kebab On A Wrap     7.99
4. Adana Chicken Kebab On A Wrap     7.99
6. Salmon Kebab On A Wrap     10.99
7. Chicken Doner Platter served with choice of rice & salad.    9.99
8. Chicken Shish Kebab Platter served with choice of rice & salad.     9.99
9. Adana Lamb Kebab Platter served with choice of rice & salad.    9.99
10. Adana Chicken Kebab Platter served with choice of rice & salad.    9.99
12. Salmon Kebab Platter served with choice of rice & salad.    13.99

Sierra Steak & Grill

1. Whole Rotisserie Chicken     8.99
2. All Natural Rotisserie 1/2 Chicken.     5.99
3. Half Rotisserie Chicken Platter served with yellow or white rice & salad.    8.99
4. Grilled Chicken Platter served with yellow or white rice & salad.    9.99
5. Burger choice of turkey or beef. served with french fries, onions, tomato & lettuce.    7.99
6. Grilled Salmon Steak served with choice of rice & salad.    14.99
8. NY Strip Steak served with choice of rice & salad.    18.99
9. Prime Rib served with choice of rice & salad.    18.99


Terra Vegetable Chips    (sm bag) 1.99 (lg bag) 6.99
Dirty Chips    (sm bag) 1.49 (lg bag) 3.99
Xochitl Tortilla Chips    (lg bag) 6.99
Garden Of Eatin' Tortilla Chips    (lg bag) 3.99
Good Health Veggie Sticks    (lg bag) 5.99
Stacy's Pita Chips    (lg bag) 3.99
Kettle Chips    (sm bag) 1.49 (lg bag) 3.99
Skinny Popcorn    (lg bag) 5.99
Unique Pretzels    (lg bag) 3.99
Pirate's Booty    (lg bag) 3.99
Annie Chuns Seaweed Snack     2.49
Brad's Kale Chips (411)    sm 5.99 lg 8.99
Batampte Pickles    (32oz) 4.99
Desert Pepper Salsa     5.49
Xochitl Salsa     6.99
Kame Rice Crackers     3.99
Carr's Crackers     3.99
Tate's Cookies     5.99
Dancing Deer Cookies     5.99
Anna's Cookies     2.99
Cliff Bar     1.99
Cliff Builder Bar     3.49
Luna Bar     1.99
Pure Protein Bar     3.99
Kind Bar     2.49
Fage Yogurt Snack    sm 1.99
Chobani Yogurt    sm 1.99
Sabra Hummus    (10oz) 3.99
Homemade Macaroni Salad    (6oz) 2.00
Homemade Potato Salad    (6oz) 2.00
Homemade Cole Slaw     2.00
Front End Candy     1.59
Assorted Gum     1.99


Cut Fruit    (10oz) 6.99
Pomegranate Seeds    (4oz) 8.99
Homemade Parfait    (14oz) 8.99
Fruit    (1lb) 2.29

Nuts & Dried Fruit

Almond Macona Roasted Salted    (8.25oz) 9.99
Almonds Dry Roasted No Salt    (9.5oz) 8.99
Mixed Nuts No Salt    (9oz) 8.99
Mixed Nuts Salted    (9oz) 8.99
Peanuts Butter Toasted    (10oz) 5.99
Peanuts Jumbo No Salt    (10oz) 4.99
Peanuts Roasted Jumbo    (10oz) 4.99
Pecans    (7oz) 11.99
Pinenuts    (4oz) 11.99
Pistachio Meat    (9oz) 12.99
Pistachio Meat Roasted No Salt    (9oz) 12.99
Pistachio Meat Roasted Salted    (9oz) 12.99
Pistachio Natural No Salt    (8oz) 9.99
Pistachio Natural Salted    (8oz) 9.99
Walnuts    (6.5oz) 8.99
Ginger Crystallized    (9oz) 6.99
Ginger Naked    (11oz) 11.99
Pineapple Slices    (8.5oz) 6.99
Strawberries    (6.75oz) 11.99
Granola Brown Sugar    (11.5oz) 5.99
Granola Cranberry Vanilla    (10.5oz) 5.99
Granola Forest Mix    (13oz) 5.99
Granola Nut & Honey    (11.5oz) 5.99
Granola Peanut Butter    (10oz) 5.99
Granola Pomegranate    (10oz) 5.99
Granola Vanilla    (10oz) 5.99
Oatmeal Maple Organic    (12.5oz) 5.99
Granola Cinnamon Raisin Organic    (9.5oz) 5.99
Almond Organic Roasted    (9.5oz) 11.99
Almond Organic    (9.5oz) 11.99
Almond Organic No Salt    (9.5oz) 11.99
Cashew Organic    (9oz) 11.99
Cashew Organic No Salt    (9oz) 11.99
Hazelnut Organic    (9oz) 9.99
Mixed Nuts Organic Roasted    (9oz) 11.99
Mixed Nuts Organic Roasted No Salt    (9oz) 11.99
Peanuts Organic Roasted Salted    (10oz) 5.99
Peanuts Organic Roasted Salted No Salt    (10oz) 5.99
Pecans Organic    (7oz) 12.99
Pepitas Organic    (10oz) 6.99
Pinenuts Organic    (4oz) 12.99
Pistachio Organic Roasted    (8oz) 9.99
Sunflower Seeds Organic    (7oz) 4.99
Walnuts Organic    (7oz) 10.99
Apple Organic    (4.5oz) 7.99
Apricot Organic    (11oz) 8.99
Banana Chips Organic    (5.5oz) 3.99
Cranberries Organic    (9oz) 8.99
Dates Pitted Organic    (9oz) 7.99
Dates Medjool Organic    (10oz) 9.99
Figs Turkish Organic    (10oz) 8.99
Fruit Medley Organic    (8oz) 9.99
Mango Organic    (4.5oz) 6.99
Prunes Organic    (11oz) 8.99
Raisin Red Flame Organic    (11oz) 4.99
Raisin Thompson Organic    (11oz) 4.99
Cashew Roasted Organic    (9oz) 11.99
Almonds    (9.5oz) 8.99
Almonds Dry Roasted No Salt    (9.5oz) 8.99
Almonds Roasted No Salt    (9.5oz) 8.99
Almonds Roasted Salted    (9.5oz) 8.99
Almonds Sliced Bleach    (7oz) 6.99
Almonds Slivered    (7oz) 6.99
Almonds Tamari    (10oz) 8.99
Almonds Whole Blanc    (10oz) 8.99
Almonds Barbeque    (9.5oz) 8.99
Almond Cinnamon Vanilla    (9.5oz) 8.99
Almond Fire-Roasted Tomato    (9.5oz) 8.99
Almonds Hickory Smoke    (9.5oz) 8.99
Almond Honey Roasted    (9.5oz) 8.99
Almond Onion Garlic    (9.5oz) 8.99
Almond Wasabi    (9.5oz) 8.99
Brazil Nuts    (9oz) 9.99
Cashews Dry Roasted No Salt    (9oz) 10.99
Cashews Dry Roasted Salted    (9oz) 10.99
Cashews    (9oz) 10.99
Cashews No Salt    (9oz) 10.99
Cashews Roasted Salted    (9oz) 10.99
Hazelnuts    (9oz) 9.99
Macadamia    (8oz) 12.99
Macadamia Dry Roasted Salted    (8oz) 12.99

Nuts & Dried Fruit

Misc. bag of ice   (12 lbs) 4.99


Giant Cookie chocolate chip, creamy peanut butter or oatmeal raisin    1.99
Sliced Cake american beauty chocolate cake, strawberry shortcake, carrot cake, strawberry cheesecake, new york cheesecake, marble cheesecake or caramel    4.99
Brownie european, chocolate chip, oreo chocolate or cheesecake    2.99
Dessert Bar pecan bar, walnut bar, lemon bar, key lime bar, raspberry linzer bar or turtle bar    2.99
Eclair     3.99
Napoleon     3.99
Cannoli     3.99
Giant Hamantashen raspberry or apricot    3.99
Baby Individual Cake chocolate mousse, white chocolate mousse, raspberry chocolate mousse, strawberry chocolate mousse, tiramisu mousse, chocolate strawberry, chocolate truffle or serano almond chocolate    5.99
Cookies chocolate chip cookies, peanut cookies, oatmeal raisin cookies or ginger snap cookies    11.99
Cookies kosher chocolate rugelach, kosher raspberry cinnamon rugelach, kosher apple cinnamon rugelach, kosher coconut macaroons, kosher chocolate macaroons    14.99
Chocolate Mousse Cup     4.49
Baklava    (1/2 lb.) 6.49
Fruit Tart     3.99
Large Macaroon     3.99
Cookies chocolate chip, creamy peanut butter or oatmeal raisin   (1/2) 4.49
Tiramisu Cup     4.99
Cupcake chocolate, chocolate vanilla or vanilla    3.49
Black & White Cookie     2.99
Large Linzer Tart     2.99
Mini Cheesecake     5.99
Crème Brûlée     3.99
Jello Pudding chocolate, fat-free chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, black cherry or cherry    3.99
Lindt Chocolate Bar bittersweet hazelnut, milk almond, milk hazelnut, white, chili, mint, extra creamy, orange, roasted almond, sea salt, coconut, cocoa, raisin nut, pistachio or raspberry    4.99
Green & Black Organic Chocolate Bar ginger, cocoa, hazelnut currant, maya gold, milk, milk almond, toffee or white    4.99
Talenti Frozen Dessert belgium milk chocolate, cappuccino, caribbean coconut, caramel cookie crunch, double dark chocolate, lisbon lemon, mediterranean mint, roman raspberry, sicilian pistachio, tahitian vanilla or toasted almond   pt 6.99
Talenti Gelato black cherry, black raspberry chocolate, caramel sea salt, chocolate peanut butter, simply strawberry, stracciatella chocolate chip, swirl banana chocolate or sorbetto blood orange   pt 6.99
Steve's Ice Cream brooklyn blackout, blackberry honey, cinnamon coffee, coconut key lime, mexican chili chocolate, mint cacao chip, salty caramel, bourbon vanilla, southern banana pudding, strawberry ricotta or sunday morning   pt 7.99
Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream cherry garcia, chunky monkey, american dream, pistachio, fudge brownie, smooth vanilla, red velvet, chocolate therapy, cookie dough, health bar crunch, phish food, super fudge chocolate, chocolate chip chunky, half baked, mint oreo cookie, strawberry shortcake, coffee toffee health bar, caramel sutra, coffee & malt, chocolate peppermint crunch, coffee buzz buzz or milk & cookies   pt 5.99
Ben & Jerry's Frozen Yogurt raspberry fudge, greek strawberry shortcake, greek lemon fruyo or chocolate fudge brownie   pt 5.99
Häagen-Dazs Ice Cream chocolate peanut butter, banana split, chocolate, cookies & cream, cherry, vanilla swiss almond, vanilla, butter pecan, chocolate chip, coffee, cookie dough chip, crème brûlée, dulce de leche, mint chip, pistachio, rocky road, rum raisin, strawberry, vanilla chocolate chip, mango, white chocolate raspberry truffle, caramel cone, vanilla bean, dark chocolate, java chip, salted caramel truffle, vanilla bean espresso, vanilla frozen yogurt, vanilla raspberry frozen yogurt, orchard peach sorbet, raspberry sorbet, zesty lemon sorbet, chocolate sorbet or mango strawberry sorbet   pt 5.99
Ciao Bella Gelato blood orange, hazelnut, key lime, lemon, strawberry or pistachio   pt 6.99

Gourmet Chocolate

Lindt Chocolate Bar bittersweet hazelnut, milk almond, milk hazelnut, white, chili, mint, extra creamy, orange, roasted almond, sea salt, coconut, cocoa, raisin nut, pistachio or raspberry    4.99
Green & Black Organic Chocolate Bar ginger, cocoa, hazelnut currant, maya gold, milk, milk almond, toffee or white    4.99
Chocolove Chocolate Bar chili cherry, dark, dark chocolate peppermint, dark cherry almond, dark coffee crunch, dark ginger, dark orange peel, dark raspberry, dark rich, dark sea salt almond, dark strong, dark extra strong, chocolate toffee almond or milk hazelnut    4.99
Ritter Chocolate Bars almond, milk, marzipan, dark chocolate, yogurt or mint    3.99
Godiva Chocolate Bar milk or dark    6.99
Madagascar Chocolate Bar sea salt, milk chocolate, chocolate, arabica coffee or coffee    6.99
Righteously Raw Chocolate Bar goji, caramel, maca bar, acai, rose    6.99
Godiva Gift Box    sm 15.00 med 30.00 lg 50.00

Cold Drinks

Pepsi Product    (16oz) 1.49
Coke Product    (16oz) 1.49
Canada Dry Product    (20oz) 1.49
Can Of Soda    (12oz) 1.19
Snapple Iced Tea    (20oz) 1.99
Vitaminwater     2.49
Honest Tea    (16oz) 2.59
Muscle Milk    (14oz) 4.49
Gatorade    (20oz) 1.99
Nesquik    (16oz) 2.49
Tropicana Juice     2.49
Tropicana Orange Juice    (59oz) 5.49
Tropicana Grapefruit Juice    (59oz) 5.49
Red Bull Energy Drink    (8 oz) 2.99 (12 oz) 3.99
Naked Juice    (15.2oz) 3.99 (32oz) 6.99
Blue Print Raw Juice    (16oz) 8.99
Raw Coconut Water 100%    (16 oz) 6.99 (8 oz) 3.99
Gts Organic Synergy    (16oz) 4.99
Gts Organic Kombucha    (16oz) 4.99
Turmeric Juice    (12oz) 5.99 (32oz) 11.99
Organic Mama Chia    (10oz) 4.99
100% Raw Love Grace    (10oz) 11.99
100% Rawpothecary    (14oz) 11.95
Rawpothecary Non Dairy    (240ml) 5.99
Sambazon Juice    (10.5oz) 4.99
Alo Gluten Free Juice    (16.9oz) 2.49
Teas' Tea    (20oz) 2.49
Pom Juice    (16oz) 4.99
Poland Spring Water    (1 l) 1.79 (16oz) 1.29
Fiji Water    (16oz) 1.49 (1 l) 2.49
Smartwater    (1 l) 2.49 (20oz) 1.49
Perrier Water     1.39
Pellegrino Water    (8oz) 1.39
Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice     2.25
Fresh Iced Tea     2.25
Fresh Iced Coffee     2.25
Fresh Iced Cappuccino     3.25
Fresh Iced Mochaccino     3.75
Fresh Lemonade     2.25
Newman's Own Lemonade    (64oz) 3.49
5 Hour Energy Drink     3.99
Vitacoco Coconut Water    (17oz) 3.49
Volvic Water    (16oz.) 1.49 (1 liter) 2.49
Eternal Water    (20oz.) 1.69 (1 liter) 2.99
Evian Water    (16oz.) 1.49 (1 liter) 2.49

Hot Drinks

House Blend Coffee    med 1.25 lg 1.75
Decaf House Blend Coffee    med 1.25 lg 1.75
Flavored Coffee    med 1.25 lg 1.75
Tea    med 1.25 lg 1.75
Café Au Lait misto.   med 1.75 lg 2.25
Cappuccino    med 2.25 lg 2.75
Café Latte    med 2.25 lg 2.75
Café Mocha    med 2.75 lg 3.50
Hot Chocolate    sm 2.00 lg 2.50
Espresso    (sgl shot) 1.50 (dbl shot) 2.00


Farmland Milk    qt 1.79 gal 4.49
Lactaid Milk    (32oz.) 3.49 (64oz.) 5.99
Stonyfield Milk    (64oz) 5.99
Horizon Milk    (64oz) 5.99
Organic Valley Milk    (32oz.) 3.99 (64oz.) 5.99
Skimplus Milk    (32oz.) 2.99 (64oz.) 5.99
Silk Milk    (32oz.) 3.99 (64oz.) 4.99
Blue Diamond Almond Breeze Milk     5.99
Farmland Half & Half    qt 3.49 pt 2.49
Organic Valley Half & Half    qt 4.99 pt 2.99
Horizon Half & Half    qt 5.49 pt 3.49
Land O Lakes Half & Half    qt 4.59
Farmland Heavy Cream    pt 3.49 qt 5.99
Horizon Heavy Cream    pt 4.99
Coffee Mate Creamer    (16oz) 3.99
International Delight Coffee Creamer    (16oz) 3.99
Reddi Whip    (16oz) 3.99
Friendship Cottage Cheese    (8oz) 2.19 (16oz) 4.49
Breakstone's Cottage Cream    4 pack 4.49
Polly-O Ricotta Cheese    (15oz) 5.99
Breakstone Sour Cream    (8oz.) 2.29 (16oz.) 3.99
Breakstone Butter    (8oz.) 3.49 (16oz.) 5.99
Horizon Butter    (16oz.) 7.99
Breakstone Whipped Butter    (8oz.) 3.49
Smart Balance Spreadable Butter    (7.5oz) 3.99 (15oz) 4.49
Land O Lakes Spreadable Butter    (8oz.) 3.99
I Can'T Believe It's Not Butter Spreadable Butter    (15oz) 4.99
Organic Valley Sliced Cheese    (6oz) 6.99
Kraft Sliced Cheese    (12oz) 5.99
Organic Valley String Cheese    (6oz) 6.99
Polly-O String Cheese    (12oz) 5.99
Baby Bell Laughing Cow Cheese     4.49
Wedge Laughing Cow Cheese    (6oz) 4.49
Philadelphia Cream Cheese    (8oz.) 3.99 (12oz.) 5.49
Organic Valley Shredded Cheese    (6oz) 5.99
Kraft Shredded Cheese    (7oz) 5.99
Belgi Oioso Shredded Cheese    (5oz) 4.99
Nellie's Dozen Large Eggs     4.99
Nature Yoke's Dozen Eggs    (cage-free lg) 4.99 jumbo 6.99
Eggland Best Dozen Eggs    lg 3.99 (cage-free lg) 5.19 xlg 4.59
Pete & Gerry Eggs    (half doz xlg) 3.59 (half doz lg) 3.49 (dozen lg) 5.49
Organic Valley Large Dozen Eggs     6.49
All Whites Egg Whites    (16oz) 4.99
Lifeway Kefir    (32oz) 4.49
Dannon Activia 4 Pack     3.99
Stoneyfield Yobaby 4 Pack     3.99
Dannon Yogurt    (32oz) 4.49
Stoneyfield Yogurt    (32oz) 4.99
Chobani Yogurt    (32 oz.) 8.99 (16 oz.) 5.29
Fage Yogurt    (32 oz.) 8.99 (16 oz.) 5.29


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