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Amazon Cafe

  • $$
  • Coffee & Tea, Italian, Kosher, Sushi, Vegetarian
  • 1123 Quentin Rd, Brooklyn 11229 40.608164 -73.961139
  • (At E 12th St)
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  • (718) 382-8360
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Served All Day. Except Saturday Night

21. 2 Eggs (Any Style) served with hash brown potatoes    9.95
22. Omelettes all omelettes served with salad  
Amazon Omelette with mixed vegetables    10.95
Caribbean Omelette with onion, green peppers, homemade sauce & spices    10.95
Kings Highway Omelette with spinach and cheese    10.95
Monte Carlo Omelette open face omelette with asparagus cheese & black olives    10.95
Omelette Veneziana fresh basil, tomatoes and mozzarella cheese    10.95
Mushroom Omelette mushroom and onion    10.95
Greek Omelette feta cheese, tomatoes and onion    10.95
Two Eggs Shakshuka served with home made sauce    9.95

Breakfast Specialties

30. Buttermilk Pancakes     6.95
Blueberry Pancakes     6.95
Banana And Strawberry Pancakes     7.95
33. Lox, Eggs And Onions served with toasted bagel and cream cheese    12.95

Fresh Squeezed Natural Juices

Orange Juice     5.95
Grapefruit Juice     5.95
Lemonade     5.95
Pomegranate Juice     7.95
Apple Juice     5.95
Carrot Pear Juice     5.95
Pear Juice     5.95

Our House Specialties

All Baked Potatoes Can Be Served With Or Without Cheese Or Cream Sauce

5. Baked Sweet Potato     7.95
6. Baked Potato with mushroom    9.95
7. Baked Potato with sour cream    9.95
8. Baked Potato with smoked salmon    11.95
9. Baked Potato with broccoli    10.95


70. Fried Zucchini     9.95
71. Crespelle Alla Fiorentino thinly sliced eggplant filled with cheese    10.95
75. Mozzarella Sticks served with homemade marinara sauce   (8 pcs) 10.95
77. Stuffed Mushrooms Caps roasted eggplant, bread crumbs, mozzarella cheese, and tomato sauce    9.95
81. Hot Antipasto - Grilled Vegetables Napoleon stuffed eggplant, roasted peppers, stuffed mushrooms and grilled vegetables    12.95
82. Caprese sliced mozzarella and sliced tomatoes with fresh basil and pesto sauce    9.95
83. Grilled Cheese Basket edible basket. served with sauteed mixed vegetables, mixed greens and grilled cheese in teriyaki sauce.    14.95

Soups $4.95

43. Soups Of The Day   
42. Vegetables Soup   


17. Portobello Salad grilled portobello mushroom cap served with marinated endive, mesclun in balsamic roast pepper vinaigrette    12.95
36. Tuna Salad chopped lettuce, tomatoes and cucumbers    11.95
37. Amazon Salad mixed green with sliced apples, pears, feta cheese and toasted walnuts with balsamic dressing    11.95
38. Chop Chops Salad chopped lettuce, crumbled feta, red onions, roasted peppers, tomatoes, served with a mustard cherry vinaigrette dressing    11.95
39. Caesar Salad crisp romaine leaves tossed with caesar salad dressing    9.95
40. Spinach Salad spinach leaves, grilled asparagus, topped with roasted peppers and feta cheese served with ranch dressing    11.95
41. Nicoise Salad (Lunch) mixed greens, boiled eggs, diced potatoes, string beans, black olives, topped with an individual tuna / tuna salad    12.95
87. Mediterranean Salad fresh garden vegetable sliced very thin with olive oil and lemon juice    11.95
92. Guacamole Salad served with sliced panini bread with melted mozzarella cheese    14.95
93. Nicoise Salad (Dinner) mixed greens, boiled eggs, diced potatoes, string beans, black olives, topped with grilled tuna    14.95
94. Greek Salad tomatoes, cucumbers, onion, kalamata olive, baby lettuce and olive oil topped with feta cheese, with a choice of zahatar    10.95
96. Avocado Salads avocado hard - boiled egg, tomatoes, onion, sesame seeds served on a bed of baby lettuce    10.95
99. Halumi Salad chopped tomatoes, baby corn, cucumbers, lettuce, cherry tomatoes, fresh or sauteed sliced mushrooms, red onion, sauteed cubes of halumi cheese and pesto sauce    13.95
124. Garden Salad mixed greens, cherry tomatoes fresh sliced mushrooms, red onions, strips of carrots, strips of cucumber, with lemon and olive oil dressing    10.95
125. House Salad sweet corn kernels hearts of palm, peppers, tomatoes, red onions, lettuce and carrots served with a choice of feta cheese or tuna salad    13.95

Hot Toast Sandwiches

Served With Garden Salad

10. Regular Toast selected cheese and tomatoes    9.95
11. Tuna Toast tuna salad, tomato, choice of cheese    10.95
12. Mushroom Toast selected cheese and mushroom    10.95
13. Salmon Toast mozzarella and salmon (lox)    11.95
14. Greek Toast feta cheese, tomatoes and green olives    10.95
15. Amazon Toast four selected cheese, mozzarella emek feta cheese parmesan and fresh mozzarella    10.95
61. Cream Toast open face bagel topped with homemade cream sauce and mozzarella cheese    10.95
126. Israeli Toast boiled egg, avocado, mozzarella cheese and pizza sauce    10.95
127. Hot & Spicy Toast tuna salad, our homemade hot sauce, tomato served on whole wheat bread    10.95
128. Eggplant And Mozzarella on whole wheat bread with hot or pizza sauce and zahatar    10.95

Panini & Wrap Sandwiches

Whole Wheat Or Regular

47. Panino Alla Verdura grilled mixed vegetables with swiss cheese    10.95
48. Venezian Panini tuna salad, sliced tomatoes on a lettuce.    10.95
49. Panino Caprese (Hot & Cold) fresh mozzarella, beefsteak tomatoes, and pesto sauce    10.95
50. Caribbean Panini marinated smoked salmon, sliced tomatoes and onion    11.95
51. Grilled Tuna Wrap grilled tuna with sauteed spinach    13.95
52. Tuna Salad Guacamole Wrap     10.95
52A. Spicy Tuna Salad Sandwich tuna salad mixed with hot sauce.    10.95


And Order Extra Topping $1.75

56. Caribbean topped with pineapples    14.95 personal 11.95
57. Margarita tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese    13.95 personal 9.95
58. Vegetable Capricciosa topped with eggplant mushroom and broccoli   personal 10.95  14.95
59. Pizza Al Bianco mozzarella and fresh basil   personal 10.95  14.95
60. Amazon Pizza sliced smoked salmon, asparagus will fresh tomato and basil   personal 11.95  16.95
55. Amazon Calzone     10.95
55A. Pizza Alla Vodka    personal 9.95  13.95
55B. Veg Pizza No Cheese plum tomatoes, broccoli, portobello mushroom, red and yellow pepper    14.95 personal 10.95
55C. Spicy Pizza cheese, tomato sauce and hot sauce   personal 9.95  13.95


105. Penne Alla Vodka chopped onion, vodka, plumb tomatoes with a touch of cream    12.95
106. Linguini Primavera sauteed mixed vegetables with garlic and virgin olive oil / or marinara sauce    12.95
107. Rigatoni Sicilian with roast peppers, feta cheese in tomato sauce    13.95
111. Amazon Capellini toasted angel hair pasta with fresh tomatoes, diced salmon and zucchini    15.95
113. Tortellini cheese tortellini served with cream sauce and a touch of pesto    13.95
114. Fettuccine Alfredo fettuccine noodle with cream sauce and mushroom    12.95
110. Spaghetti San Marzano with roast peppers, feta cheese in tomato sauce    13.95
112. Spaghetti And Cheese tomato sauce and melted mozzarella cheese    13.95
109. Baked Ziti     13.95


101. Lasagna Casalingua home made lasagna    12.95
102. Eggplant Parmigiana served with pasta    15.95
103. Manicotti     13.95
104. Cheese Ravioli served with tomato sauce    13.95
108. Ravioli All A Vodka     13.95
108A. Ravioli with shakshuka sauce    13.95
108B. Spinach And Cheese Ravioli     13.95
108C. Mushroom And Cheese Ravioli     13.95


Fish Can Be Served Grilled Choice Of Side Dishes: Baked Potato, Steamed Vegetables, Salad, Rice.

115. Salmon Riviera grilled fillet of salmon topped with chardonnay lemon sauce    22.95
118. Fillet Of Sole Livornese sauteed fillet of sole with green olives, plums tomatoes and fresh basil    22.95
119. Whole Denise grilled or fried    25.95
119A. Whole St.Peter grilled    26.95
120. Tuna Tapenade seared tuna steak topped with black olives and tapenade served with balsamic glaze    24.95
121. Chilean Sea Bass Adriatic porcine dusted and served with wild mushroom risotto    25.95
122. Grill Tilapia     22.95
123. Lemon Sole Fillet sauteed filet of sole cooked with lemon sauce    23.95

Sushi Bar Appetizer

S01. Spicy Tuna Tartar     12.95
S02. Tuna Avocado Salad     12.95
S03. Tuna Martini fillet of tuna tempura with spicy mayo, caviar and scallions    12.95
S04. Spicy Tuna Negimaki deep fried spicy tuna with scallions    13.95
S05. Kani Salad     9.95
S06. Seaweed Salad arame sea vegs in special sauce    5.95
SA8. Edamame     5.95

Sushi Roll

S07. California Roll imitation crab, avocado and cucumber    7.95
S08. Tuna Roll     7.95
S09. Salmon Roll     7.95
S10. Yellowtail Roll     7.95
S11. Alaska Roll salmon, cucumber and avocado    7.95
S12. Philadelphia Roll smoked salmon, cream cheese and cucumber    7.95
S13. Spicy Tuna Roll     7.95
S14. Cooked Spicy Tuna Roll     8.95
S15. Spicy Salmon Roll     7.95
S16. Spicy Yellowtail Roll     7.95
S17. Tuna, Avocado Or Cucumber Roll     7.95
S18. Salmon, Avocado Or Cucumber Roll     7.95
S19. Salmon Skin Roll with cucumber and scallions    6.95

Vegetarian Roll

S20. Sweet Potato Deep Fried     6.95
S22. Portobello     6.95
S23. Cucumber Roll     4.95
24. Avocado Roll     5.95
S25. Cucumber And Avocado Roll     5.95
S26. Asparagus Roll     5.95
S27. Vegetable Roll     5.95
S28. Steamer Vegetable Roll carrots, green beans, asparagus and sweet potato    9.95

Special Roll

S29. Rainbow Roll california roll topped with tuna, salmon and whitefish    14.95
S30. Amazon Roll spicy yellowtail, cucumber, crunch inside spicy salmon & spicy tuna on top    16.95
S31. Beauty Alaska Roll spicy salmon, crunch, cucumber inside, salmon & avocado on top    15.95
S32. Green Dragon Roll tuna, salmon and cucumber outside avocado on top    10.95
S33. Red Dragon Roll california roll with spicy tuna on top    14.95
S34. Yummy Roll spicy yellowtail cucumber crunch with caviar on top    15.95
S35. Green Tuna Roll b.b.q tuna with spicy mayo and avocado on top    10.95
S36. Green Salmon Roll b.b.q salmon with spicy mayo and avocado on top    10.95
S37. Jungle Roll salmon, skin, cucumber, scallions inside salty crunch tuna on top    14.95
S38. Snow Mountain Roll b.b.q salmon, mango inside and crunchy kani on top    14.95
S39. Fantastic Roll b.b.q salmon egg, cucumber, avocado, portobello and carrot    14.95

Tempura Roll

S40. Tempura Roll with mayo, cucumber, avocado and lettuce with your choice of: a. salmon, b. tuna, c. whitefish    12.95
S41. Fancy Roll deep fried with imitation. crab and spicy sauce, caviar, scallions on top with your choice of : a. salmon, b. tuna, c. whitefish    13.95
S42. Samba Roll spicy tuna and avocado deep fried with spicy tuna on top    13.95
S43. Spider Roll tempura imitation. crab with mayo, cucumber, avocado and lettuce    12.95


S43. Sushi Deluxe 8pcs sushi and one tuna roll    18.95
S44. Sashimi Deluxe 18pcs of raw fish    27.95
S45. Sushi And Sashimi Combo 5pcs sushi, 12pcs sashimi, one california roll    29.95
S46. Combination Roll tuna avocado roll, salmon avocado roll & california roll    21.95

Sushi Or Sashimi A La Carte

S47. Salmon     3.95
S48. Tuna     3.95
S49. Yellowtail     3.75
S52. Flying Fish Raw     3.95

Side Order

16. French Fries    lg 6.95 sm 4.95
95. Sauteed Broccoli with garlic and oil    6.95
97. Sauteed Spinach     6.95
98. Sauteed Mixed Mushrooms     6.95


Hot Chocolate Cake served with ice cream    12.95
Banana Split served with ice cream    9.95
Ask For Our Choices Of Cakes     5.95

Hot Drinks

Coffee     2.25
Flavored Coffee hazelnut, french vanilla    2.45
Nescafe served with steamed milk    3.25
Cafe Au Lait     3.25
Cappuccino     4.45
Cafe Latte     3.25
Hot Milk     2.75
Turkish Coffee     2.25
Hot Chocolate     3.35
Espresso    lg 3.75 sm 2.95
Flavored Cappuccino hazelnut french vanilla    4.65
Chocochino hot chocolate with steam milk and whip cream    4.45
Nana Tea with fresh mint leaves    2.75
Herbal Tea available in many flavors    2.75
Mochachino     4.59
Rum Coffee (Hot Or Cold) to stay only    4.25

Cold Beverages

Coke / Sprite / Diet Coke     2.50
Ice Cappuccino     3.25
Gingerale     2.50
Pink Lemonade     2.50
Orange Fanta     2.50
Cranberry Juice     3.95
San Pellegrino    lg 3.75 sm 2.50
Ice Tea     2.50
Ice Chocolate Milk     2.95
Seltzer Water     1.75
Spring Water     2.50
Ice Coffee     3.95
Milk Shake available in assorted flavors    6.95

Fresh Fruit Shakes $6.95

Served On Milk Or Water Base


Amazon Smoothies

With Or Without Alcohol Ask For Our Choices Of Flavor

Small     4.95
Large     6.95

Beer $5

Coors Light   


$6 / $22

Red, Cabernet Sauvignon   
Red Merlot   
White, Chardonnay   

Hard Liqueur

Johnnie Walker Red Label     8.00
Chivas Regal     8.00
Seagrams V.O     8.00
Bacardi     6.00
Absolut     6.00
Ketel One     6.00
Sauza Gold     6.00
Beefeater     6.00
777 Orange Flavored     6.00
Johnnie Walker Black Label     9.00
Jack Daniels     8.00
J & B     8.00
Bacardi Sliver     6.00
Iceberg     6.00
Sauza Silver     6.00
Gordon's     6.00
Brandy     6.00
Pina Colada     6.00

Cocktails $6.95

White Russian   
Blue Lagoon   
Electric Lemon Lime   
Black Russian   
Long Island Ice Tea   
Chi Chi   
Margarita tequila and island oasis combine to make this amazon favorite original, strawberry, banana, raspberry  
Daiquiri all natural fruit blended with light rum makes this frozen daiquiri beyond compare strawberry, banana, raspberry  


Amazon Cafe
1123 Quentin Rd
At E 12th St
(718) 382-8360
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