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Chili Basil Am-Thai Kitchen

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  • Thai
  • 359 McDonald Ave, Brooklyn NY11218 40.645302 -73.979893
  • (At Albermarle Rd)
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  • (718) 871-9115
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A1. Thai Roll crispy roll stuffed with vermicelli, taro, cabbage, carrot with sweet chili sauce   4.00
A2. Jeeb-Thai Dumpling steamed or deep fried handcut thai dumpling of minced chicken with garlic soy sauce   4.00
A3. Hot Pot Dumpling wrapped rice flour with ground peanut and sweet radish   5.00
A4. Curry Puff golden fried puff pastry stuffs with ground chicken, potato, onion and curry powder with vinegar cucumber sauce   6.00
A5. Veggie Chive handcraft thai pan seared chive dumpling with garlic soy sauce   4.00
A6. Crispy Tofu fried crispy tofu served with sweet chili sauce   4.00
A7. Thai Wings marinated chicken wings, thai style served with sweet chili sauce   5.00
A8. Fried Calamari fried calamari with sweet chili sauce   5.00
A9. Chicken Satay thai famous grilled marinated chicken on skewers served peanut sauce   5.00
A10. Fish Cake fried fish cake with sweet chili peanut sauce   4.00
A11. Jade Dumpling (Veggie) steamed veggie dumpling stuffed with spinach, cabbage, carrot, taro and marinated served with soy sauce   4.00
A12. Pan Fried Dumpling (Gyoza) veggie pan fried dumpling served with garlic soy sauce   4.00
A13. Duck Roll homemade crispy duck roll up with roti nan served with special sweet & sour sauce   6.00
A14. Coconut Shrimp Roll fried shrimp roll stuffed with coconut shredded wrapped in spring roll with sweet chili sauce   6.00
A15. Roti Massaman pan seared roti bread served with chicken and our famous massaman curry   6.00
A16. Dumpling In Peanut Sauce steamed chicken and shrimp dumpling served with house special peanut sauce   5.00
A17. Thai Coconut Crepe crispy rice crepe, coconut, tofu, lime leaves, with cucumber in vinaigrette sauce   7.00


SP1. Thai Soup vermicelli noodles, tofu with veggie, seaweed, scallion in a clear broth   4.00
SP2. Tom Kha Gai chicken. chicken galena, lemongrass, onion, bell pepper, mushroom with lime juice in coconut broth   5.00
SP3. Tom Yum Koong * shrimp. shrimp with thai herb, lemongrass, onion, bell pepper, mushroom in sweet and sour broth   5.00
SP4. Rice Ginger Soup boiled rice, minced chicken & shrimp, celery, scallion, fried garlic, in clear ginger broth   6.00
SP5. Thai Wonton Soup homemade thai chicken and shrimp dumplings with veggie and scallion in a clear broth   6.00

Yum Yum Salad

Y1. Thai Salad lettuce, carrot, tomatoes, cucumber, avocado and tofu with peanut dressing   5.00
Y2. Som Tom papaya salad. green papaya with tomatoes, string bean, carrot, peanut in lime juice dressing   6.00
Y3. Laab Kai * chicken salad. minced chicken, red onion, lime juice, chopped scallion and ground roasted rice   6.00
Y4. Yum Squid Salad * squid marinated with lemongrass, fresh mango, red onion, chili paste, lime juice   7.00
Y4. Grilled Shrimp Salad *   8.00
Y5. Mango Salad mixed mango with avocado, red onion, carrot, cashew nuts, lime juice   7.00
Y6. Duck Salad * sliced roasted duck with pineapple, fresh mango, scallion, red onion, cashew nut in chili lime juice   8.00
Y6. Mac Duck Salad *   7.00


Choice Of: Veggie & Tofu $8, Chicken $8, Shrimp $9.50, Beef $9.50, Mock Duck $9, Filet Fish $13.50, Whole Red Snapper $18, Duck $13.50, Mixed Seafood $15 (Combination Of Squid, Shrimp, Filet Fish )

E1. Pad Gra-Prow * basil. with fresh chili, onion, string bean, carrot, bell pepper, fresh basil   
E2. Pad Gra-Tiem garlic. with fresh garlic, string bean, carrot, with garlic sauce breaded of lettuce   
E3. Pad Khing ginger. with string bean, onion, celery, scallion, carrot, bell pepper, ginger   
E4. Pad Pra Ram peanut sauce. with carrot, string bean, broccoli in peanut sauce   
E5. Pad Himmapan * cashew nuts. with cashew nuts, string bean, onion, celery, scallion, bell pepper, carrot   
E6. Pad Ta-Krai lemongrass. with chopped lemongrass, ginger, broccoli, carrot, cashew nuts, lemongrass sauce   
E7. Pad Piew Wan sweet & sour. with zucchini, tomatoes, pineapples, bell pepper, celery, onion, scallion   
E8. Pad Broccoli with broccoli and chinese broccoli, carrot in garlic sauce   
E9. Pad Woonsen with vermicelli, carrot, napa, bean sprout, tomato, onion, scallion and egg   
E10. Pad Spicy Bamboo * with bamboo, string bean, bell pepper, carrot, wild ginger in chili basil paste   

Fried Rice

Choice Of: Veggie & Tofu $8, Chicken $8, Shrimp $9.50, Beef $9.50, Mock Duck $9, Filet Fish $13.50, Whole Red Snapper $18, Duck $13.50, Mixed Seafood $15 (Combination Of Squid, Shrimp, Filet Fish )

FR1. Bangkok Fried Rice thai style fried rice with tomato, onion, carrot, chinese broccoli, egg   
FR2. Pineapple Fried Rice with pineapple, onion, carrot, string bean, cashew nut, egg   
FR3. Spicy Basil Fried Rice * with bell pepper, onion, egg in spicy chili-basil sauce   


SP1. Salmon Steak Mango grilled salmon with steamed veggie, mango and house special sauce   14.00
SP2. Grilled Chicken grilled marinated chicken breast with thai teriyaki sauce   12.00
SP3. Shrimp & Avocado * grilled shrimp on bed of avocado with bell pepper in panang curry   13.00
SP4. Duck Thai Herbal * sauteed with chopped lemongrass, rhizome, bell pepper, string bean in chili basil herbs sauce   14.00
SP5. Thai Ocean * combination of filet sole fish, shrimp, squid with lemongrass, bell pepper, string bean in chili herbs sauce   15.00
SP6. Fancy Pad Thai Duck glass noodle, crunchy duck, bean sprout, scallion, peanut, egg with with homemade tamarind sauce   14.00
SP7. Thai Crab Meat Fried Rice fried in thai style with crab meat, onion, scallion, eggs   10.00
SP8. Khao Soi Noodles chicken, crispy noodles, bean sprouts, red onion, scallions in yellow curry   12.00
SP9. Fish Thai Herbal sole fish. sauteed with chopped lemongrass, rhizome, bell pepper, string bean in chili basil herbs sauce   14.00


Choice Of: Veggie & Tofu $8, Chicken $8, Shrimp $9.50, Beef $9.50, Mock Duck $9, Filet Fish $13.50, Whole Red Snapper $18, Duck $13.50, Mixed Seafood $15 (Combination Of Squid, Shrimp, Filet Fish )

N1. Pad Thai a popular dish on the sidewalk vender in bok. rice noodles bean sprouts, scallion, crunched peanut, egg   
N2. Pad See-Ew sauteed broad noodles with chinese broccoli, sweet soy sauce and egg   
N3. Drunken Man * kee mao. sauteed broad noodles, onion, tomato, bell peppers, basil, chili paste and egg in chili-basil sauce   
N4. Garlic Noodles kua gui. sauteed broad noodles, scallion, carrot, peas, fried garlic, and egg breaded of lettuce with sriracha sauce   

Duck $13

D1. Duck Gra-Prow - Basil crunchy duck with chili paste, onion, bell pepper, fresh basil topped with crispy basil.   
D2. Duck Gra-tien - Garlic crunchy duck with sauteed with fresh garlic, white pepper, snow pea, carrot in garlic sauce and bed of lettuce.   
D3. Duck Ta-Krai - Lemongrass crunchy duck sautéed with chopped lemongrass, ginger, carrots, scallion in thai-herb lemongrass sauce.   
D4. Duck Panang-Avocado crunchy duck bedded of avocado with bell pepper and string bean in panang curry.   
D5. Duck Pineapple Curry crunchy duck with green pea, tomato, pineapple, bell pepper, basil   
D6. Duck Cherry crunchy duck with cherry and red wine sauce.   
D7. Duck Red Pumpkin* crunchy duck with asian pumpkin, zucchini, bell pepper, fresh basil in red curry.   
D8. Duck Green Lychee* crunchy duck with lychee mixed grape, carrot, bell pepper, fresh basil and in green curry.   
D9. Duck Ma-Kham - Tamarind crunchy duck on bed of steam vegetable with tamarind sauce, chopped onion, ginger, topped with fried onion   

Vegetarian $9

V1. Eggplant D-Light * sauteed eggplant & tofu and carrot, string bean, onion with holy basil chili sauce   
V2. Mixed Vegetable sauteed tofu and mixed vegetable, broccoli, string bean, mushroom, carrot in garlic sauce   
V3. Spicy Garden Basil * sauteed tofu and mixed vegetable with eggplant, bell pepper, onion, basil in chili-basil sauce   
V4. Moc Duck Gra Paw * basil. vegetarian duck with bell pepper, string bean, carrot, onion, basil in chili-basil sauce   
V5. Moc Duck Gra Tiem garlic. vegetarian duck with fresh garlic, string bean, carrot in garlic sauce   
V6. Moc Duck To-Kai lemongrass. vegetarian duck, chopped lemongrass, ginger, scallions, cashew nut, broccoli, carrot in lemongrass sauce   
V7. Moc Duck Spicy Bamboo * vegetarian duck, bamboo, string bean, carrot, bell pepper, chili basil sauce   
V8. Moc Duck Mango vegetarian duck, fresh mango, bell peppers, broccoli, carrot in mango pineapple sauce   


Choice Of: Veggie & Tofu $8, Chicken $8, Shrimp $9.50, Beef $9.50, Mock Duck $9, Filet Fish $13.50, Whole Red Snapper $18, Duck $13.50, Mixed Seafood $15 (Combination Of Squid, Shrimp, Filet Fish )

C1. Green Curry * with eggplant, bamboo shoot, bell pepper, carrot, string bean, basil in coconut milk   
C2. Red Curry * with bamboo shoot, carrot, bell pepper, basil in coconut milk   
C3. Panang Curry * with string bean, bell pepper, carrot in coconut milk   
C4. Pineapple Curry * with string bean, carrot, tomato, pineapple, bell pepper, basil in coconut milk   
C5. Massaman Curry with potato, onion in coconut milk   
C6. Yellow Curry (Karee) with sweet potato, onion carrot, scallion in coconut milk   
C7. Kabocha Pumpkin Curry * with kabocha pumpkin, zucchini, bell pepper, carrot, string bean in coconut milk   

Fish - Pla

Choice Of Filet Fish $12 / Stripe Boss $15

F1. Pla Mango Salad the famous and most popular dish filet fish topped with mango salad & cashew nuts.   
F2. Pla Gra-Prow - Basil fish topped with bell pepper, onion, holy basil in chili-basil sauce.   
F3. Pla Pad Khing - Ginger fish topped with mushroom, onion, celery, scallion, baby corn, soy bean and fresh ginger   
F4. Pla Prew-Wan - Sweet & Sour sauteed mixed vegetable & tofu with cucumber, tomatoes, pineapples, bell pepper, onion and scallion.   
F5. Pla Lard Prig* fish bed of sting bean and carrot topped with thai chili-basil sauce.   
F6. Pla Choo’ - Chee’ * fish bed thai herbs and spices blended in mild choo’ - chee’ sauce with coconut milk, broccoli, carrot and kiffir lime leaves.   
F7. Pla Makam - Tamarind fish bed on steam vegetable with tamarind sauce, chopped onion, ginger, topped w. fried onion.   

Side Orders

Peanut Sauce    2.00
Jasmine Rice    1.50
Steam Noodles    2.00
Thai-Sticky Rice    2.00
Brown Rice    2.00
Roti Nan    2.00
Coconut Rice    3.00

Desserts $6

Thai Rice Pudding    
Mango Coconut Sticky Rice seasonal   
Baked Toro Custard    
Baked Pumpkin Custard    


Thai Iced Tea   2.50jumbo 5.00
Thai Iced Coffee   2.50jumbo 5.00
Soda coke, diet coke, orange, sprite, ginger ale, seltzer   1.50


Monday Thru Friday: 11:30am-3:00pm. Except Weekends & Holidays. Each Entree Comes With Free Spring Roll And Jasmine Rice (Noodle Dishes Do Not Come With Rice). Choice Of: Veggie & Tofu Or Chicken $6 / Beef Or Shrimp $7

L1. Curry * red or green or yellow or panang or massaman   
L2. Pad Gra-Paw * basil   
L3. Pad Gra-Tiem garlic   
L4. Pad Khing ginger   
L5. Pad Piew-Won sweet & sour   
L6. Pad Broccoli    
L7. Bangkok Fried Rice    
L8. Spicy Basil Fried Rice *   
L9. Pad Thai    
L10. Pad See-Ew    
L11. Drunken Man * pad kee mao   
* Spicy Levels
Chili Basil Am-Thai Kitchen
359 McDonald Ave
At Albermarle Rd
(718) 871-9115
or (718) 854-5054
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