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Alpha Fusion

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  • Asian Fusion, Sushi
  • 365 W 34th St, New York NY10001 40.753398 -73.995766
  • (At 9th Ave)
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  • (917) 645-9483
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Lunch Specials Platter

Served Until 4pm, Weekdays. Served With Miso Soup, Salad, Shu Mai, Fruit And Your Choice Of Entrée.

P1. Coconut Green Or Red Curry Sauce Lunch Platter * choice of vegetable, tofu, chicken, beef or shrimp.   11.00
P2. Sambal Sauce Lunch Platter * choice of vegetable, tofu, chicken, beef or shrimp.   11.00
P3. Tropical Mango Sauce Lunch Platter choice of vegetable, tofu, chicken, beef or shrimp.   11.00
P4.Ginger Sauce Lunch Platter choice of vegetable, tofu, chicken, beef or shrimp.   11.00
P5. Sesame Chicken With String Beans Lunch Platter    11.00
P6. General Tao's Chicken With Broccoli Lunch Platter *   11.00
P7. Chicken Or Beef With Broccoli Or String Beans Lunch Platter    11.00
P8. Thai Crispy Chicken Breast Lunch Platter *   11.00
P9. Thai Crispy Flounder Lunch Platter *   11.00
P10. Sautéed Mixed Vegetables Lunch Platter    11.00
add chicken or beef   2.00
P11. Pad Thai Lunch Platter * choice of vegetable, tofu, chicken, beef or shrimp.   11.00
P12. Thai Crispy Red Snapper Lunch Special *   12.00
P13. Sushi Lunch Platter 4 pieces of assorted sushi and a california roll.   12.00
P14. Sashimi Lunch Platter 7 pieces of assorted sashimi and a california roll.   12.00

Lunch Over Rice

Served Until 4pm, Weekdays. Served With Miso Soup Or Salad.

L1. Coconut Green Or Red Curry Sauce * choice of vegetable, tofu, chicken, beef or shrimp.   8.75
L2. Sambal Sauce * choice of vegetable, tofu, chicken, beef or shrimp.   8.75
L3. Tropical Mango Sauce * choice of vegetable, tofu, chicken, beef or shrimp.   8.75
L4. Ginger Sauce * choice of vegetable, tofu, chicken, beef or shrimp.   8.75
L5. Sesame Chicken *   8.75
L6. General Tao's Chicken *   8.75
L7. Sautéed Mixed Veggie    8.75
add chicken or beef   2.00
L8. Chicken Or Beef With Broccoli Or String Beans    8.75
L9. Thai Crispy Chicken Breast *   8.75
L10. Thai Crispy Flounder *   9.00
L11. Thai Crispy Red Snapper *   9.50

Sushi Bar Lunch

Served With Soup And Salad.

Any Two Roll Sushi Bar Lunch    10.50
Any Three Roll Sushi Bar Lunch    13.50
Sushi Bar Lunch 6 pcs. of sushi and california roll.   13.00
Tuna Mania Sushi Bar Lunch 6 pieces of tuna sushi or sashimi and a crunchy spicy tuna roll.   14.00
Salmon Mania Sushi Bar Lunch 6 pieces of salmon sushi or sashimi and a crunchy salmon roll.   14.00
Yellowtail Mania Sushi Bar Lunch 6 pieces of yellowtail sushi or sashimi and a crunchy spicy yellowtail roll.   14.00
Sashimi Sushi Bar Lunch 10 pcs of assorted sashimi.   14.50
Tuna, Salmon, Yellowtail Sushi Or Sashimi Bar Lunch 3 pcs each of tuna, salmon, yellowtail sushi or sashimi with a crunchy spicy tuna roll.   16.00
Chirashi Sashimi Sushi Bar Lunch 10 pcs assorted sashimi (over seasoned rice).   14.50
Sushi & Sashimi Sushi Bar Lunch 8 pcs. assorted sashimi over seasoned rice, 5 pcs. sashimi, 4 pcs sushi & california roll.   17.00

Kitchen Starters

11. Edamame With Sea Salt    6.00
12. Shrimp Shumai    6.00
13. Pan-Fried Chicken Dumplings    7.00
14. Steamed Veggie Dumplings homemade. with ginger soy.   6.00
15. Vietnamese Shrimp Summer Roll * with honey chili sauce.   7.00
16. Veggie Spring Rolls * with thai chili honey lemon sauce.   6.50
17. Duck Spring Rolls with hoisin sauce.   8.00
18. Grilled Satay With Peanut Sauce    8.50
19. Crispy Calamari * with sweet chili sauce.   8.75
20. Thai Crispy Crab Cakes with pineapple salsa.   9.50
21. Fried Coconut Shrimp * with green curry sauce.   11.00
22. Alpha Baby Ribs with honey bbq sauce.   9.50
23. Thai Lettuce Wrap * diced onion, jicama, pineapple, mango, bell pepper, crushed walnut and lettuce.   9.50
24. Rock Shrimp Tempura with sweet lemon cream.   11.00
25. Grilled Sake-Miso Black Cod    13.00
26. Indian Pancake * with curry dipping sauce.   6.00
27. Cold Sesame Soba Noodle    6.00

Sushi Bar Starters

28. Spicy Tuna On Pringles * with black tobiko.   9.00
29. Fire Starter a tantalizing duo of japanese chili pepper crusted tuna and salmon sashimi salad with sweet onion sauce.   10.00
30. Tartar With Wasabi Yuzu Sauce choice of fish.   10.00
31. Yellowtail Serrano with garlic purée, yuzu soy and basil oil.   10.00
32. John's Special Spring Wrap salmon, shrimp, avocado, onion, cilantro and lettuce wrapped in rice paper with chili mango sauce.   10.00
34. Tuna Tataki * japanese shichimi pepper and cajun spice crusted tuna sashimi, miso ponzu and honey wasabi sauce.   11.00
35. Tuna Martini diced tuna, tobiko, japanese seaweed, tempura flakes in spicy sake aioli.   12.00


1. Miso Soup    2.50
2. Hot & Sour Soup * with white mushroom and tofu.   3.00
3. Tom Yum Soup * your choice of chicken or shrimp.   4.00
4. Coconut Curry Soup * your choice of chicken or shrimp.   4.00
5. Wonton Soup with baby bok choy and seaweed.   5.00


6. Field Greens With Ginger Dressing     6.50
7. Vietnamese Mango Vermicelli *   6.50
8. Japanese Seaweed Salad    6.50
9. Spicy Tuna & Avocado Salad *   8.00
10. Grilled Chicken Salad With Lemon-Miso Vinaigrette    10.00

Sushi & Sashimi

One-Piece Sushi Or Two-Piece Sashimi Per Order.

Crab Stick     2.75
Tamago    2.75
Tuna     3.25
Salmon     3.25
Spicy Salmon     3.25
Fluke     3.25
Yellowtail     3.25
Spanish Mackerel     3.25
Sea Scallop     3.25
Squid     3.25
Eel     3.25
Shrimp     3.25
Super White Tuna    3.25
Japanese Red Snapper    3.50
Spicy Snow Crab     3.50
Spicy Sea Scallop     3.50
Salmon Roe    3.50
Flying Fish Roe  your choice of red, black or wasabi.   3.50
Salmon Toro     3.50
Yellowtail Toro     4.00
King Crab     4.00
Sea Eel     4.00
Jumbo Sweet Shrimp    5.25
Sea Urchin    5.25

Classic Rolls Or Hand Rolls

Cucumber Roll    4.25
Avocado Roll    4.25
Shiitake Roll    4.25
Kampyo Roll    4.25
California Roll    5.00
Tuna Roll    5.00
Salmon Roll    5.00
Asparagus, Avocado, Cucumber Roll    5.00
Eel Avocado Roll    6.00
Eel Cucumber Roll    6.00
Tuna Avocado Roll   (6pcs) 6.00
Tuna Cucumber Roll    6.00
Tuna Jalapeño Roll    6.00
Avocado Cucumber Roll    4.75
Salmon Skin Roll    6.00
Salmon Avocado Roll    6.00
Salmon Cucumber Roll    6.00
Salmon Jalapeño Roll    6.00
Salmon Mango Roll    6.00
Shrimp Avocado Roll    6.00
Shrimp Cucumber Roll    6.00
Spicy Tuna Roll    6.00
Spicy Salmon Roll    6.00
Spicy Yellowtail Roll    6.00
White Tuna Jalapeño Roll    6.25
Philadelphia Roll    6.25
Yellowtail Scallion Roll    6.25
Yellowtail Jalapeño Roll    6.25
Boston Roll    6.25
Sweet Potato Tempura Roll    6.25
Crunchy Spicy Tuna Roll    6.75
Crunchy Spicy Salmon Roll    6.75
Crunchy Spicy Yellowtail Roll    6.75
Salmon Cucumber Caviar Roll    6.75
Caviar Roll    6.25
Futo Maki Roll    6.75
Shrimp Tempura Roll    7.50
Chicken Tempura Roll    7.50
Eel Tempura Roll    7.50
King Crab Avocado Roll    7.50
Kamikaze Roll    7.50
Crunchy Spicy Scallop Roll    7.50
Toro Scallion Roll    9.50
Spider Roll     10.45
Green Dragon Roll    12.50
Rainbow Roll    12.50

Special Rolls

Lao San Roll * crunchy spicy tuna, cucumber, topped with seared bonito mayo, yellowtail and crushed peanuts.   15.00
K.C. Roll deep-fried eel, egg, cheese, avocado, crab, salmon and white fish, topped with crunch and tobiko.   17.00
Jimmy's Sexy Roll shrimp tempura roll topped with chopped tuna, salmon, yellowtail, avocado, crab, crunch and tobiko.   16.00
Pink Lady Lobster Roll lobster tempura, avocado, cucumber and tobiko wrapped in pink soy paper with spicy lobster sauce. reg 15.00grande 19.00
Volcano Roll * chicken tempura roll topped with spicy tuna and japanese chili pepper sprinkled.   16.00
Golden Dragon Roll * spicy yellowtail, tuna and cucumber roll topped with fresh mango and honey wasabi sauce.   14.00
Ocean Fourteen Roll * rock shrimp tempura and avocado roll topped with crunchy spicy snow crab.   15.00
Alpha Wasabi Roll * tuna, salmon and avocado roll topped with wasabi tobiko.   12.00
Salmon Lover Roll * salmon mango roll topped with crunchy spicy salmon.   13.00
Marble Trio Roll * tuna, salmon, yellowtail, tobiko and avocado wrapped in marble seaweed.   14.00
Toro Dynasty Roll * crunchy spicy tuna, avocado roll topped with tuna toro, salmon toro, yellowtail toro.   17.00
Red-Hot Dragon Roll * shrimp tempura roll topped with spicy tuna and crunch.   15.00
Tuna Lover Roll * peppercorn crusted tuna and avocado roll topped with crunchy spicy tuna.   15.00
Dinosaur Roll shrimp tempura roll with eel and avocado on top.   15.00
Lobster Rock 'N Roll * shrimp, crab and avocado topped with lobster salad and tobiko.   14.00
Spicy Twister Roll * crunchy spicy salmon topped with pepper seared tuna, avocado and crushed peanuts.   14.00
Spicy Alpha Roll * crunchy spicy salmon roll topped with tuna, salmon, yellowtail and avocado.   15.00
J B Roll crunchy spicy tuna inside topped with seared filet mignon. with eel sauce.   17.00

Fried Rice & Noodles

56. Crispy Duck * served with pineapple fried rice.   19.00
57. Sambal Pinapple Fried Rice * your choice of protein.   10.25
58. Stir-Fried Noodles vegetable, tofu, chicken   10.25
beef, shrimp   11.25
59. Pan-Pan Noodle deep-fried noodle.   
vegetable, tofu   12.00
chicken   13.00
beef, shrimp   15.00
60. Alpha Noodle Soup veggie, tofu, grilled chicken   9.00
grilled shrimp   10.00

Sushi Entrée

Served With Miso Soup Or Small Salad.

Tuna Mania Dinner 6 pieces of tuna and a crunchy spicy tuna roll.   19.00
Salmon Mania Dinner 6 pieces of salmon and a crunchy spicy salmon roll.   19.00
Yellowtail Mania Dinner 6 pieces of yellowtail and a crunchy spicy yellowtail roll.   19.00
Light Sushi Dinner 7 pieces of assorted sushi and a california roll.   20.00
Alpha Special Sushi Dinner 9 pieces chef`s selection and crunchy spicy salmon roll.   22.00
American Dream Dinner 3 pieces each of tuna, salmon and yellowtail with a crunchy spicy tuna roll.    23.00
Sashimi Dinner 16 pieces of daily fresh assortment.   22.00
Alpha Sashimi Adventure 20 pieces of chef`s special selection.   29.00
Sushi (For Two) 12 pieces of sushi and one roll each of crunchy spicy tuna, california and green dragon.    44.00
Sushi & Sashimi (For Two) 8 pieces of sushi, 14 pieces of sashimi, and one roll each of crunchy spicy salmon, eel avocado and tero dynasty roll.   52.00
Sushi & Sashimi (For One) 8 pieces of assorted sashimi, 5 pieces of assorted sushi, and a crunchy tuna spicy tuna roll.   24.00
Chirashi Dinner assorted sliced sashimi over seasoned sushi rice.   20.00
Sashimi Don Over Sushi Rice Dinner choice of tuna, salmon, or yellowtail.   19.00
Spicy Roll Combo  crunchy spicy tuna, salmon & yellowtail roll.   17.00
Classic Roll Combo salmon avocado, crunchy spicy tuna roll and eel cucumber roll.   16.00
Alpha Roll Combo  yellowtail scallion, tuna, avocado, and california.   15.00
Veggie Sushi Entrée 7 pieces of vegetable sushi, asparagus avocado roll and cucumber roll.   19.00

Wok & Grill

Served With Your Choice Of Soup.

36. Grilled Sesame Crusted Tuna * served with peanut sauce marinated soba noodles with spicy mayo and wasabi sauce.   19.50
37. Thai Crispy Chicken Breast * served with special curry-infused tomato sauce.   15.00
38. Crispy Flounder * with special curry infused tomato sauce.   20.00
38. Crispy Red Snapper * with special curry infused tomato sauce.   20.00
39. Sesame Crusted Salmon with mixed veggie in red wine infused brown sauce.   20.00
40. Wok Grilled Garlic Shrimp with baby bok choy.   19.00
41. Char-Grilled Chilean Sea Bass * with eggplant and asparagus sake-miso sauce.   22.00
42. Seafood Lover * lobster tail, jumbo shrimp, scallop, shiitake, eggplant, bell pepper and potato with red curry sauce.   24.00
43. Crispy Chicken & Shrimp With Honey Walnut    18.00
44. Spicy Thai Chicken & Shrimp Casserole *   18.00
46. Filet Mignon served with potato cake with thai chili teriyaki sauce.   23.00
47. Chicken Or Beef With Broccoli with garlic sauce.   13.00
47. Chicken Or Beef With String Beans with garlic sauce.   13.00
48. Sesame Chicken with string beans.   13.00
48. Sesame Tofu with string beans.   13.00
49. General Tao's Chicken * served with broccoli.   13.00
50. Coconut Curry * your choice of protein.   12.00
51. Tropical Mango Sauce your choice of protein.   12.00
52. Sambal Sauce * your choice of protein.   12.00
53. Ginger Sauce your choice of protein.   12.00
54. Alpha Buddhist Delight mixed veggies and tofu.   13.00
55. New Zealand Rack Of Lamb char-grilled lamb chop served with eggplant and asparagus with thai chili a1 teriyaki sauce.  (5pcs) 20.00


52. Broccoli    6.00
52. String Bean    6.00
52. Baby Bok Choy    6.00
52. Eggplant    6.00
Spicy Mayo    1.00
Eel Sauce    1.00
Spicy Mango Sauce    1.00
Ginger Dressing    1.00
Peanut Sauce    1.00
Honey Wasabi Sauce    1.00
Extra Wasabi    .50
Extra Ginger    .50
Extra Crunchy    .50
Extra Avocado    .50
Extra Cucumber    .50
Extra Mango    .50
Extra Jalapeño    .50


Soda coke, diet coke, ginger ale, sprite, club soda   1.50
Lemon Iced Tea Snapple    2.00
Poland Spring Water   (16oz) 1.50
Voss Still Water  (sm 16oz) 3.00 (lg 22oz) 6.00
Voss Sparkling Water  (sm 16oz) 4.00 (lg 22oz) 6.00
Thai Iced Tea    3.00
* Hot & Spicy.
Alpha Fusion
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(212) 279-8887
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