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  • 1237 Amsterdam Ave, New York 10027 40.809904 -73.958808
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Assorted Appetizer samosas, bhujia, chicken pakora, gobipakora, papadom    7.95
Meat Samosa handmade crispy meat turnover   (2) 3.50
Vegetable Samosa handmade crispy vegetable turnover   (2) 2.95
Banana Pakora banana fritters   (4) 2.95
Bhujia vegetable fritters   (4) 2.95
Daal Papri lentil & flour chips served with cucumber, potato and covered with yogurt (sweet & sour)    2.95
Fried Shrimp shrimp sautéed with onion, green pepper & tomato served with poori bread    7.95
Chana Bhazee chickpeas, onion, green pepper & tomato served with poori bread    3.95
Gobi Pakora cauliflower dipped in a homemade batter & fried   (4) 2.95
Baigon Pakora eggplant dipped in homemade batter and fried   (4) 2.95

Soup $2.95

Mulligatawny Soup mildly spicy lentil soup  
Coconut Soup coconut & milk (sweet)  
Vegetable Soup mixed vegetables  

Indian Breads

Naan     1.95
Poori light, fried & puffed up    1.95
Papadum a thin lentil-bean wafer    2.50
Chapatti roasted whole wheat bread    1.95
Paratha multi layered bread    1.95
Aloo Paratha stuffed with potatoes    2.95
Keema Paratha stuffed with mincedmeat    3.95
Mughlai Paratha stuffed with minced meat, egg, onion, green pepper, & tomato    4.50

Complete Dinner

Tandoori Dinner any one appetizer (except assorted & shrimp) soup, tandoori chicken or chicken tikka, rice, daal, condiment tray, dessert, tea or coffee    20.95
Vegetarian Dinner any one appetizer; (except assorted & shrimp) soup, choice of any one vegetable dish, rice, daal, condiment tray, dessert, tea or coffee    18.95
House Special Dinner assorted appetizers; soup - biriani, tandoori chicken or chicken tikka, one vegetable dish, paratha or poori bread, mango chutney, condiment tray, dessert, tea or coffee   (for two) 49.95

Tandoori Dishes

Tandoori Chicken half spring chicken marinated in a lightly spiced yogurt sauce and barbecued    10.95
Chicken Tikka Kabab boneless chicken cooked as above    10.95
Boti Kabab lamb cooked as above    13.95
Shrimp Tandoori jumbo shrimp cooked as above    14.95
Tandoori Fish red snapper cooked as above    14.95

Chicken Dishes

Chicken Curry boneless chicken, onion, ginger, tomato, and exotic indian spices    9.95
Chicken Vindaloo chicken cooked very hot and spicy    9.95
Chicken Saag spinach, tomato, onion, (hot or mild)    10.95
Chicken Dansak cooked with lentils, persian style, hot & spicy    10.95
Chicken Jalplazee onion & tomato, very hot & spicy    10.95
Chicken Kurma cooked & nut sauce, very mild    11.95
Chicken Tikka Masala boneless chicken barbecued & cooked in cream sauce with tomatoes & nuts    11.95
Chicken Tikka Makhnee boneless chicken cooked tomatoes in a cream    11.95
Murg Vegetable boneless chicken cooked with a vegetable medley    12.95
Murg Morich succulent boneless chicken, green chili, cilantro and indian spices (very spicy)    12.95

Meat Dishes

Beef / Lamb.

Gosht Curry onion, garlic, tomato, & exotic indian spices    9.95  10.95
Gosht Vindaloo cooked very hot & spicy    11.95  10.95
Saag Gosht cooked with spinach    11.95  10.95
Gosht Mushroom cooked with mushroom    11.95  10.95
Bhoona Gosht onion, green pepper & tomato, medium spiced    11.95  10.95
Gosht Kurma cooked in a cream sauce with nuts, very mild    11.95  10.95
Karai Gosht onion, green pepper & tomato, very hot & spicy    11.95  10.95
Rogan Gosht meat simmered in a mild sauce    11.95  10.95
Keema Mottor ground beef, green peas & indian spices  
Keema Mottor lamb    12.95
Keema Mushroom ground beef, mushroom & indian spices  
Keema Mushroom lamb    12.95
Keema Bhoona ground beef, onion, green pepper, garlic & indian spices  
Keema Bhoona lamb    12.95

Vegetable Dishes

Mixed Vegetable Curry mixed vegetables cooked with onion, tomato, and green pepper    8.95
Aloo Mattar Gobi potato, green peas & cauliflower cooked with tomato & green pepper in a mild sauce    9.95
Saag Aloo Or Chana Saag Or Aloo Chana spinach, onion, tomato & green pepper cooked with potato or chickpeas, or potato & chickpeas    9.95
Saag Bhazee Or Gobi Bhazee spinach or cauliflower with onion, green pepper & tomato, mildly spiced    9.95
Bhindi Masala Or Bhindi Bhazee okra cooked in a mild sauce or sautéed with onion & tomato    9.95
Vegetable Malai mixed vegetable cooked with coconut, very mild    10.95
Vegetable Kurma mixed vegetable cooked in a cream sauce with nuts    10.95
Matter Poneer Or Saag Poneer homemade cheese in a creamy sauce with green peas or spinach    10.95
Poneer Makhni homemade cheese cooked in a mild tomato sauce    10.95
Ponner Masala homemade cheese cooked in a yogurt sauce    10.95

Biryani Dishes

Chicken Biriani boneless chicken basmati rice, ghee almond & raisin    10.95
Tikka Biriani chicken tikka cooked same as above    12.95
Beef Or Lamb Biryani beef or lamb cooked same as above    11.95
Shrimp Biryani fresh shrimp cooked same as above    13.95
Vegetable Biryani mixed vegetable cooked same as above    9.95

Seafood Specials

Shrimp Curry fresh shrimp cooked with onion, tomato, ginger & exotic indian spices    11.95
Shrimp & Vegetable Bhazee shrimp with mixed vegetable (hot or mild)    13.95
Shrimp Vindaloo very hot and spicy    12.95
Shrimp Malai shrimp in a coconut cream sauce    12.95
Shrimp Saag shrimp with spinach    12.95
Shrimp Kurma shrimp in a cream sauce with raisin & nuts    12.95
Shrimp Bhuna shrimp cooked with onion, green pepper & tomato (medium spicy)    12.95
Shrimp Patia shrimp with coconut & lemon (sweet, sour, hot, & spicy)    12.95
Fish Masalla onion, green pepper & tomato (king fish or slamon)    13.95
Fish Vindaloo very hot & spicy (king fish or salmon)    13.95
Crab Curry onion, green pepper, tomato, & exotic indian spices, (mild, medium, or very hot)    13.95

Side Dishes

Raita yogurt mixed with shredded cucumber, lightly spiced, very refreshing    1.50
Mango Chutney sweet and sour mango relish    1.50
Mango Or Lime Pickle hot and spicy    1.50
Fresh Salad lettuce, tomato & cucumber    3.95
Basmati Pillaw Rice     3.50
Tarka All a special indian lentil sauce sautéed with onion, garlic & tomato    6.95

Desserts $2.50

Firni indian custard  
Roso Malal homemade rich & creamy dairy balls with nuts  
Gulab Jaman deep fried homemade dairy ball served in a sweet syrup  
Mango Ice Cream   


Spice Tea     2.50
Iced Tea     2.00
Lassy a yogurt drink    2.50
Mango Lassy made with mango & yogurt    2.95
Soda     2.00
Perrier     2.50
Coffee     2.00
Decaffeinated Coffee     2.00
Domestic Beer     3.50
Imported Beer     4.00
Indian King Fisher     4.00
Taj Mahal    (22 oz) 7.95

Luncheon Special

Monday-Friday: (Except Holidays) 12 Noon-3pm. Eat In Only.

Lamb Curry     7.95
Beef Curry     6.95
Chicken Curry     6.95
Shrimp Curry     8.95
Vegetable Curry     6.95


1237 Amsterdam Ave
Btwn 120th & 121st St
(646) 963-9302
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