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7th Avenue Donut Shop

  • $
  • Bakery & Pastries, Diner
  • 324 7th Ave, Brooklyn 11215 40.66712 -73.981381
  • (Btwn 8th & 9th St)
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  • (718) 304-9781
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Egg Sandwiches

Two Eggs     3.15
Two Eggs And Bacon     4.60
Two Eggs And Ham     4.60
Two Eggs And Sausage Patty     4.60
Two Eggs And Turkey Bacon     5.75

Egg Platters

Two Eggs     4.60
Two Eggs And Bacon     6.90
Two Eggs And Ham     6.90
Two Eggs And Sausage     6.90
Two Eggs And Canadian Bacon     7.75
Two Eggs And Turkey Bacon     7.75
Two Eggs And Turkey Sausage     7.75
Two Eggs And Spicy Beef Sausage     7.75
Two Eggs And Corned Beef Hash     8.35
Two Eggs And Steak     11.80
Juevos Rancheros scrambled eggs with onions, peppers and jalapeños on a tortilla. served with rice and beans.    8.05

Omelette Platters

Plain     5.75
Egg White     6.90
Cheese     7.20
Meat Lovers with pork ham, bacon and sausage.    11.50
Mixed Vegetable with broccoli, baby spinach and mushrooms.    8.90
Western with peppers, onions and ham.    8.90
New York with avocado, tomato and swiss cheese.    10.35
Schwartzeneggar with egg whites, grilled chicken and baby spinach.    11.50

Griddle Specialties

Golden Brown Pancakes Or French Toast    (3) 5.45
Golden Brown Pancakes Or French Toast And Eggs  served with two eggs and your choice of meat.     10.65

Toasts & Muffins

Toast     1.45
Hand Rolled Bagel     2.00
Large Croissant     2.30
Bagel With Cream Cheese     3.15
Sandwich Size English Muffin     2.30
Kaiser Roll      1.45
Bagel With Cream Cheese      2.90
Bagel With Cream Cheese And Lox     8.05
Muffins     2.30

Side Orders

Pork Bacon     4.60
Turkey Bacon     5.15
Corned Beef Hash     5.45
Homefries     4.30


Beer-Battered Onion Rings     5.50
Chicken Fingers four fingers. served with honey mustard.    6.90
Chicken Quesadillas served with sour cream and four types of cheese.    8.05
Chili & Cheese In A Cup     5.75
French Fries    sm 4.30 lg 7.75
Curly Fries     5.15
Disco Fries large order of french fries topped with mozzarella cheese and gravy.    9.20
Munchie Fries large order of french fries with mozzarella cheese, ranch dressing and bacon bits.    10.35
Sweet Potato French Fries     5.15
Mozzarella Sticks five sticks.    8.05
Spinach Pie     6.90
Midnight Samplers 3 mozzarella sticks, 3 chicken wings and 3 chicken fingers.    10.90
Winger Sampler 4 buffalo wings, 4 honey bbq wings and 4 hot wings.    10.90
Wings ten wings.    9.75
Waffle Fries     5.15
Chili Cheese Fries large order of french fries with chili and cheese.    10.90

Homemade Soups

Chicken Soup    (10oz) 3.75 (16oz) 4.60
Soups Of The Day    (10oz) 3.75 (16oz) 4.60
French Onion Soup    (10oz) 5.15

Crispy Salad Platters

Served With Crackers And Your Choice Of Dressing. Salad Dressing Selection: Ranch Dressing, Caesar Dressing, Italian Dressing, Blue Cheese Dressing, Oil & Vinegar, Balsamic Vinegar

Caesar     6.90
Cobb with avocado, tomatoes, bacon bits and crumbled bleu cheese and croutons.    9.20
Greek with feta cheese and kalamata olives.    9.20
Grilled Chicken Over Garden     9.20
Portobello Mushroom with fresh mozzarella cheese, roasted peppers over mesculin greens.    8.65
Baby Spinach with dried cranberries, walnuts and crumbled blue cheese.    6.90
Mesculin mixed greens, sliced tomatoes, candied walnuts and bermuda onions.    6.90

Chicken Sandwiches

Chicken Cutlet     6.90
Chicken Parmigiana with fresh mozzarella, basil oil and sauce.    8.65
Chicken Souvlaki on a pita with lettuce, tomato, onion and sauce.    6.60
Grilled Chicken     6.60

Turkey Sandwiches

Cold Roast     7.75

Salad Sandwiches

Egg     4.60
Tuna     5.75

Vegetarian Sandwiches $7.45

Portobello Mushroom with fresh mozzarella cheese and roasted peppers.  
Eggplant Parmesan with fresh mozzarella cheese, basil oil and sauce.  

Beef Sandwiches

Beef Gyro On Pita with lettuce, tomatoes, onions and sauce.    6.60
Brisket Of Beef Sandwich     7.75
Corned Beef Sandwich     7.75
Meatloaf Sandwich     6.60
Hot Roast Beef Sandwich     7.75
Pastrami Sandwich     8.05
Philly Cheese Steak Sandwich with fresh mozzarella cheese, fried onions, peppers and mushrooms. served on a hero.    10.35

Pork Sandwiches

BLT Sandwich bacon, lettuce, tomato and mayonnaise.    6.30
Brooklyn BLT Sandwich bacon, lettuce, and tomato with avocado.    7.45

Fish Sandwiches

Fried Cod     8.65
Salmon Filet     8.65
Tuna Melt     6.90
Fried Tilapia     8.65

Cheese Sandwiches

Grilled Cheese     3.75
Grilled Cheese With Ham your choice of cheese.    5.75
Grilled Cheese With Bacon your choice of cheese.    5.75

Triple Decker Club Sandwiches $10.90

Tuna Salad   
Grilled Chicken   
Roast Turkey   

Our Sandwich Favorites

Mailman cold turkey, roast beef, ham and american cheese.    8.65
FDNY grilled chicken breast with swiss cheese, ham and lettuce.    8.05
Time Warner chicken cutlet, fresh mozzarella cheese and gravy.    8.05
MTA grilled chicken breast with bacon, lettuce, tomato and ranch.    8.05
Teachers grilled chicken, portobello mushrooms and red peppers.    8.05

Open Sandwich Platters $14.35

Reuben Pastrami   
Reuben Corned Beef   

Paninis $8.65

Coast Guard portobello mushroom, fresh mozzarella cheese and red peppers.  
Army chicken cutlet with fresh mozzarella cheese.  
National Guard roast turkey, avocado and swiss cheese.  
Pow-Mia grilled chicken, ham and swiss cheese.  
Special Forces fried eggplant, fresh mozzarella cheese and grilled tomatoes.  


BLT bacon, lettuce, tomato and cheese.    6.90
Buffalo Chicken chicken tenders, lettuce, tomtato, crumbled bleu cheese and hot sauce.    7.45
Chicken Caesar caesar dressing, croutons, romaine lettuce and parmesan cheese.    7.45
Roast Turkey with swiss cheese, avocado and baby spinach.    8.05
Tuna Salad with avocado, lettuce, tomato and chopped onions.    7.45
Portobello Mushroom with fresh mozzarella cheese and roasted peppers.    7.45
Grilled Chicken with lettuce, tomato and american cheese.    7.45

Flame Broiled Burgers

Hamburger     5.15
Cheeseburger     5.75
Texas Burger  with a fried egg and bacon.    7.75
Brooklyn Burger with bacon, lettuce, tomato and mayonnaise.    7.75
Meaty Burger with ham, bacon and cheese.    9.20
Cheesy Burger with 4 types of cheese.    7.75
Ranchero Burger  with cheddar cheese and jalapeño peppers.    6.60
Turkey Burger      5.15
Veggie Burger     5.15

Pasta Dishes

Fettuccine Alfredo     9.20
Penne Vodka Sauce     9.20
Fettuccine Carbonara  with ham, bacon and mushrooms in an alfredo sauce.    11.50
Chicken Parmigian Over Spaghetti      13.80
Mac & Cheese  with four types of cheese, ham, and mushrooms.    10.90

Chicken Entrées

Chicken Cutlet     11.50
Fried Chicken     12.65
Grilled Chicken     10.90
Chicken Souvlaki served with a pita, small greek salad, and french fries.    11.50

Chicken Entrées

Roast Turkey Entrée served with a cup of soup or salad, a potato and vegetable.    14.95

Beef Entrées

Brisket Of Beef Entrée     14.95
Chili Over Rice Entrée with cheese, sour cream and chopped onions. served with rice.    10.35
Corned Beef Entrée     14.95
Roast Beef Entrée     14.35
Meatloaf Entrée with mushroom gravy.    10.90
Pastrami Entrée     15.50
Beef Gyro served with a pita, a small greek salad, and french fries.    11.50

Steaks & Chops Entrées

Rib    (12oz) 22.40
Sirloin    (12oz) 20.15
T-Bone    (16oz) 26.45

Fish Entrées

Cod Fillet Entrée     16.65
Broiled Salmon Filet Entrée     17.25
Shrimp Entrée eight large shrimp.    18.40
Beer Battered Fish & Chips Entrée     18.95
Tilapia Fillet your choice, either broiled or fried.    16.65

Greek Entrées $10.90

Beef Gyro   
Chicken Souvlaki   

Sautéed Entrées $13.80

Chicken Teriyaki served with a medley of fresh vegetables.  
Chicken Marsala prepared in a marsala wine sauce.  
Chicken Franche prepared in a lemon butter sauce.  

Kids Menu $7.45

Chicken Nuggets four pieces. served with french fries.  
Grilled Cheese served with french fries.  
Silver Dollar Pancakes six pancakes. served with one scrambled egg.  
Scambled Eggs With Ham served with french fries.  

Homemade Donuts & Delicious Desserts

Slice Of Cheesecake     5.15
Slice Of Apple Crumb Cake     5.15
Slice Of Chocolate Cake     5.15
Slice Of Chef's Special Cake     5.15
Homemade Jello Pudding      3.45
Homemade Rice Pudding      3.45
Bakers Dozen Donuts chocolate frosted, vanilla frosted, boston cream, jelly filled, cream filled, glazed, chocolate glazed, marble twist, sugar raised, plain donut, plain cruller, jelly puff, cream puff   (13) 9.20
Regular Donut chocolate frosted, vanilla frosted, boston cream, jelly filled, cream filled, glazed, chocolate glazed, marble twist, sugar raised, plain donut, plain cruller, jelly puff, cream puff    1.25
Fancy Donut bow tie, éclair, apple turnover, fancy coffee roll    2.30
French Cruller     2.30
Scoop Of Ice Cream vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, coffee    2.60

Cold Beverages

Canned Soda coke, diet coke, sprite, ginger ale, sunkist orange soda    1.60
Bottled Soda coke, diet coke, sprite, ginger ale, sunkist orange soda, seltzer water    2.60
Red Bull     4.00
Orange Juice fresh squeezed   (16oz) 4.30 (24oz) 5.75
Carton Of Tropicana O.J.     2.60
Snapple lemon tea, diet lemon tea, peach iced tea    2.60
Bottle Juice     2.60
Cappucino Freeze coffee flavored milk shake with a shot of espresso.    6.30
Lemondade    (16oz) 2.30 (24oz) 3.45
Iced Tea    (24oz) 3.45 (16oz) 2.30
Iced Coffee    (16oz) 2.30 (24oz) 3.45
Milkshake    (16oz) 5.15 (24oz) 6.35

Hot Beverages

Coffee regular or decaf   (10oz.) 1.60 (24oz.) 2.90 (16oz.) 2.30
Tea herbal or decaf   (24oz.) 2.90 (16oz.) 2.30 (10oz.) 1.60
Hot Chocolate    (10oz.) 2.90 (24oz.) 4.60 (16oz.) 3.75
Hot Coffee    (16oz.) 2.30 (10oz.) 1.60 (24oz.) 2.90
Sweetened Cappuccino original or french vanilla   (10oz.) 2.90 (24oz.) 4.60 (16oz.) 3.75
Espresso Single    (10oz) 2.60
Cappuccino espresso with steamed milk.   (10oz) 3.75
Box Of Joe    (95oz) 17.50


7th Avenue Donut Shop
324 7th Ave
Btwn 8th & 9th St
(718) 304-9781
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