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101 Taiwanese

  • $$
  • Chinese, Noodles
  • 135-11 40th Rd, Flushing 11354 40.758538 -73.831014
  • (Btwn Prince & Main St)
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  • (718) 886-8600
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Cold Appetizers

Vegetable Marinated Dried Tofu     6.95
Bamboo Shoots with brown sauce    6.95
Marinated Bean Curd Skin with chinese mushroom    7.95
Spicy Beef Tendon *    7.95
Sliced Roast Beef     7.95
Wine Chicken     9.95
Smoked Filet Fish with sweet sauce    7.95
Turnip with jelly fish    7.95

Taiwanese Appetizers

Minced Pork Over Rice     3.95
Brown Sauce Pork Belly Over Rice     4.95
Rice Wrap     4.95
Pork Blood Rice Cake     4.95
Meat Ball     4.95
Taiwanese Style Hamburger with pork    4.95
Oyster Pancake     7.95
Pork Roll     7.95
Fried Pork Intestine     7.95
Boiled Pork Belly with garlic soy sauce    7.95
Minced Pork Over Rice Noodle     6.95
Crispy Shrimp Pancake     7.95
Taiwanese Style BBQ Sausage     6.95
Five Flavors Intestine     8.95
Five Flavors Squid     8.95
Deep Fried Crispy Oyster     10.95
Oyster with black bean sauce    10.95
Fried Stinky Tofu     8.95
Fried Stinky Tofu with basil    9.95
Popcorn Chicken     7.95

Taiwanese Special

Duck Blood with chives    10.95
Duck Blood with sour cabbage    10.95
Grilled Mackerel Pike     10.95
Pork Intestine with sour cabbage    11.95
Pork Intestine * with basil    12.95
Shredded Beef * with water celery with sa cha sauce    12.95
Pork Intestine & Blood * with spicy sauce    12.95
Beef * with hot chili pepper & bamboo shoots    11.95
Sea Clam * with basil    14.95
Frog * with basil    19.95
Frog with yellow leek    19.95
Frog * with spicy pepper    18.95
Duck Tongue * with basil    23.95
Duck Tongue with chives    21.95
Duck Tongue with yellow leek    23.95
Duck Tongue with hot chili pepper    21.95
Bitter Melon with salt egg yolk    12.95
House Special Platter     13.95
Taiwanese Fish Roll     18.95
Sea Clams with squash    13.95
Pig Kidney with scallion    11.95
Pig Kidney with sesame oil    11.95
Sanbei Chicken     13.95
Sanbei Squid Roll     13.95
Sanbei Frog     19.95
Sanbei Duck Tongue     21.95
Sanbei Pork Intestine     13.95
Sanbei Prince Mushroom     12.95


Baby Shrimp with bean curd    11.95
Crab Meat with bean curd    11.95
Squid * with hot pepper sauce    11.95
Buffalo Fish Tails with brown sauce    14.95
Buffalo Fish Pieces with brown sauce    14.95
Buffalo Fish Pieces * with hot bean sauce    14.95
Baby Shrimp with snow pea leaves    17.95
Baby Shrimp with two flavor    16.95
Sauteed Baby Shrimp     16.95
Dried Scallop with peas sprouts    18.95
Lin's Style Eels Sauteed     19.95
Fish Tender with shrimp, scallop & sea cucumber    25.95
Fish Maw with crab meat    25.95
Black Bass with minced soy bean    26.95
Squash with dry scallop    18.95
Shrimp with egg    11.95
Cashew Nut with shrimp    15.95


Shredded Beef with yellow leek    14.95
Shredded Beef with green pepper    12.95
Chicken with garlic    15.95
Sweet & Sour Spare Ribs     11.95
Shredded Pork Dry Bean Curd with chinese celery    11.95
Pork with bean curd sheet & snow cabbage    10.95
Spicy Diced Chicken *    11.95
Shredded Beef * with spicy pepper    12.95
Stewed Minced Pork Ball In Brown Sauce     14.95
Sauteed Squid & Pork with yellow leek    14.95
Stewed Pork Shoulder     24.95


Salt & Pepper Squash     12.95
Squash with mushroom    11.95
Bean Curd with brown sauce    9.95
Spicy Bean Curd * with meat sauce    9.95
Sauteed Spinach with garlic    9.95
Chinese Cabbage with dried baby shrimp    11.95
Vegetable with bean & bean curd    9.95
Squash with dried scallop    12.95
Squash with fried gluten    12.95
Dried Lily Flower with squash    12.95
Peas Sprouts with garlic    14.95
Water Celery with garlic    10.95


Assorted Seafood Soup     13.95
Soup with fish maws and crab meat    14.95
Oyster with sour cabbage soup    8.95
Ginger with clam soup    9.95
Minced Chicken In Corn Soup     6.95
Shredded Pork with picked cabbage soup    6.95
Bean Curd Vegetable Egg Drop Soup     6.95
Intestine & Pig's Blood Soup     7.95
Pork Stomach & Sour Cabbage Soup     7.95
Clam with winter melon soup    9.95
Clam with squash soup    9.95
Seafood Winter Melon Soup     11.95
Ham with winter melon soup    10.95

Noodle Soup

Noodle with pork nuggets in thick soup    6.50
Beef* with hot peppers noodle soup    6.95
Shrimp, Ham & Vegetable Noodle Soup     6.95
Pork & Vegetable Noodle Soup     5.95
Beef Stew Noodle Soup*     6.50
Vegetable Noodle Soup     5.95
Baby Shrimp with pork & vegetable noodle soup    6.25
Pork & Mastard Noodle Soup     5.95
House Special Noodle Soup minced pork, sliced pork, bean sprout, leek    5.95
Taiwan Special Noodle Soup fish ball, baby shrimp, leek, bean sprout, minced pork    6.95
Noodle with meat & bean soup    5.95
Pork Egg Thick Noodle Soup     5.95
Seafood Noodle Soup     6.95
Shrimp & Kidney with noodle soup    7.95
Pork Chop with noodle soup    5.50
Fried Chicken Leg Noodle Soup     5.50
Taiwanese Style Rice Noodle     7.95
Taiwanese Style Fried Noodle     7.95
Stir-Fried Rice Cake with pork & vegetable    7.95
Stir-Fried Rice Cake In Any Style     7.95
Stir-Fried Rice Cake with seafood    8.95
Taiwanese Style Fried Seafood Noodle     8.95
Pork Chop Over Rice     5.50
Fried Chicken Leg Over Rice     5.50
Fried Rice In Any Style     7.95

Lunch Special

Served With Soup & White Rice. Mon-Fri: 11:30-3:30pm $6.25 Ea / Sat, Sun & Holidays $6.95 Ea. * Hot & Spicy.

Shredded Beef* with spicy pepper  
Sliced Beef with scallion  
Shredded Beef with chinese celery  
Shredded Beef with sour cabbage  
Shredded Beef with tomato  
Shredded Beef with green pepper  
Beef with broccoli  
Shredded Pork with baby bamboo shoots  
Pork with bitter melon  
Snow Cabbage, Bean Curd Sheet with shredded pork  
Pork Dry Bean Curd with chinese celery  
Double Sauteed Sliced Pork*   
Shrimp with egg  
Shrimp with broccoli  
Shrimp* with kung pao sauce  
Shrimp & Bitter Melon with black bean sauce  
Kidney with sesame oil  
Kidney with scallion  
Pork Intestines with chinese celery  
Pork Intestines with sour cabbage  
Pork Intestines* with spicy pepper  
Scrambled Eggs with dry radish  
Fried Tofu Cabbage with vermicelli  
Pork Stomach* with spicy pepper  
Pork Chop with sweet & sour sauce  
Pork Chop with pepper & salt  
Chicken* with kung pao sauce  
Chicken* with hot spicy sauce  
Chicken with broccoli  
Chinese Squash   
Okya with tofu  
Tempura with chinese celery  
Watercress with garlic  
Spinach with garlic  
Cabbage with tofu skin  
Bitter Melon with egg  
Eggplant with house special sauce  
Eggplant* with garlic sauce  
Basil Meat with eggplant  
Cabbage with dry shrimp  
Dry Baby Fish with bitter melon & black bean sauce  
Tofu with brown sauce  
Ma Po Tofu*   


101 Taiwanese
135-11 40th Rd
Btwn Prince & Main St
(718) 886-8600
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